June 13, 2019

Art Basel 2019 Parcours sector - The Impossibility of Being a Sculpture

Art Basel 2019: Parcours Sector

Now in its 10th edition, the Parcours sector this year is presented under the title 'The Impossibility of Being a Sculpture'. Samuel Leuenberger says: 'This year's Parcours proceeds from the reconsideration of inanimate objecthood, using it to open up the ways in which sculpture interacts with people within an urban context.' 

Lawrence Abu Hamdan
The Recovered Manifesto of Wissam (inaudible), 2017
Maureen Paley
© Art Basel

Highlights include ‘The recovered manifesto of Wissam (inaudible)’ (2017) located in the Staatsarchiv by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, who was recently shortlisted for the Turner Prize 2019 and whose interest in sound and its intersection with politics is a central focus of his work. 

Installed on Münsterplatz, Dan Graham's ‘Dancing Circles’ (2018), at once sculptural and architectural, reflects and formally interacts with its environment. Germaine Kruip presents a new site-specific light installation titled ‘Diamond’ (2018-present), on display in the Vortragssaal at Kunstmuseum Basel. ‘Copper No. 32’ (2015) by Hassan Sharif, a pioneering contemporary artist in the Gulf region who introduced the apotheosis of recycled materials and mass-produced objects as sculpture, is presented at Erasmushaus, an antiquarian bookshop in central Basel. 

Rinus Van de Velde
Prop, Flood, Roof, 2018
König Galerie
© Art Basel

For his long-term film project ‘The Villagers’ (2019), which will be completed and screened in September 2019, Rinus Van de Velde created 17 life-size stage sets; one of them – titled ‘Prop, Flood, Roof’ (2018) and installed in the Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement Basel-Stadt, Falkensteinerhof (Lichthof) – is featured in Parcours and is function as both a stage set and an autonomous sculpture. 

‘Untitled’ (2018) by Cathy Wilkes is a site-specific installation of sculptural objects that have been appropriated from everyday life and crafted by hand. The piece was originally installed as part of Wilkes' 2018 solo show at Yale Union, Portland, and for Parcours is presented in the Hedi Keller Saal at the Museum der Kulturen Basel.

The full list of Parcours projects

Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Maureen Paley
'The Recovered Manifesto of Wissam (inaudible)', 2017
Staatsarchiv, Martinsgasse 2

Paweł Althamer, neugerriemschneider, Foksal Gallery Foundation
'Ochse', 2018
Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig, St. Alban-Graben 5

Mathis Altmann
Powerlifestyles, 2019
Freedman Fitzpatrick
© Art Basel

Mathis Altmann, Freedman Fitzpatrick
Powerlifestyles, 2019
Deutschritterkapelle, Rittergasse 29

Pierre Bismuth
Abstractions, 2019
Jan Mot
© Art Basel

Pierre Bismuth, Jan Mot
'Abstractions', 2019

Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys
Die Schmutzige Puppen von Pommern, 2018
© Art Basel

Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, dépendance
'Die Schmutzige Puppen von Pommern', 2018
Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig, St. Alban-Graben 5

Matias Faldbakken, Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Paula Cooper Gallery
'Tile Drawing'; 'Lacquered Brick Sculpture', 2019
Sportplatz, Rittergasse 5

Dan Graham, Greene Naftali
'Dancing Circles', 2018

Laurent Grasso
The Owl of Minerva
© Art Basel

Laurent Grasso, Perrotin
'The Owl of Minerva'
Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig, St. Alban-Graben 5

Irena Haiduk, Galerie Max Mayer
'Natural Order', 2019
Alte Universität Basel
Daily Performance at 6:30pm

Camille Henrot, kamel mennour, König Galerie, Metro Pictures
'System of Attachment', 2019

Caitlin Keogh, Bortolami
'Stairs For A Theater', 2019
Theater Basel, staircase

Germaine Kruip, The Approach
'Diamond', 2018
Kunstmuseum Basel, Vortragssaal, St. Alban-Graben 8

Science is fiction, 2019
Galerie Crèvecoeur
© Art Basel

Ad Minoliti, Galerie Crèvecoeur
'Science is fiction', 2019
Naturhistorisches Museum Basel, Augustinergasse 2BA

Antonio Oba
Malungo, 2015/2019
Mendes Wood DM 
© Art Basel

Antonio Obá, Mendes Wood DM
'Malungo', 2015/2019
Historisches Museum Basel, Barfüsserkirche, Barfüsserplatz 7

Reto Pulfer, Hollybush Gardens
'Tincti', 2019
Museum der Kulturen, Münsterplatz 20
Performance on Monday, June 10, 1pm to 5pm and on Saturday, June 15, 6pm to 10pm

Hassan Sharif, Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde, gb agency, Alexander Gray Associates
'Copper No. 32', 2015
Erasmushaus, Bäumleingasse 18

Ron Terada, Catriona Jeffries
'You Have Left the American Sector', 2011
Schifflände, Mittlere Brücke

Daniel Turner
(IPN) Bar 1, 2018
(IPN) Bar 2, 2018
König Galerie
© Art Basel

Daniel Turner, König Galerie
'(IPN) Bar 1', 2018
'(IPN) Bar 2', 2018
Departement für Wirtschaft, Soziales und Umwelt, Wenderlsdörfernhof (Weisses Haus),
Martinsgasse 3

Rinus Van de Velde, König Galerie
'Prop, Flood, Roof', 2018
Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement Basel-Stadt, Falkensteinerhof (Lichthof), Münsterplatz 11

Cathy Wilkes, The Modern Institute
'Untitled', 2018
Museum der Kulturen Basel, Hedi Keller Saal, Münsterplatz 20