July 23, 2016

Sarah Moon @ Mercanteinfiera OFF, Parma

At Mercanteinfiera OFF time and beauty according to Sarah Moon

A major name in contemporary photography is to star in the third "Mercanteinfiera Off", the cultural fringe event promoted by Fiere di Parma and the Municipality of Parma, as part of the homonymous antiques and modern and vintage collectables festival running from 1 to 9 October.

The artist is Sarah Moon, a French photographer whose work for many years has explored beauty and the passage of time. Her images will be displayed at the "Sarah Moon in Parma.Photographs” exhibition curated by 2016 Mercanteinfiera Prize winner Carla Sozzani.

Running from 16 September-15 October in the Palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale building, set in the picturesque Parco Ducale, the exhibition is a journey through a magical world of poetic images: mysterious photographs, dramatically charged and yet intimate, that create the sensation of looking through bright portals onto an entire world.

Sarah Moon’s exhibition continues the guiding theme for this autumn’s edition of Mercanteinfiera, inspired by the feminine universe. It is joined in this by two further fringe exhibitions held in the Fiere di Parma exhibition centre alongside the fair itself. Both centred on women. “Muse-en-scene”, curated by Alessandro Malinverni, Alberto Nodolini and Carlo Mambriani, reconstructs curtains and backdrops made 200 years ago for Parma’s Regio theatre, built by Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma. Whilst "Secrets of queens, queens of secrets”, in partnership with Genoa’s Palazzo Reale Museum, is a fascinating journey through noblewomen’s most well-loved rituals, objects and manufactured items.

Young but already set to go far. And above all, able to bridge the gap between different forms of artistic expression, creating a dialogue between them whilst fixing his gaze set on the contemporary. These are the reasons for the expert panel’s choice of Gianluigi Ricuperati to take up the baton from Carla Sozzani as winner of the 2017 Mercanteinfiera Prize.

The writer from Turin will be a main attraction at the next edition of Mercanteinfiera, the event that is becoming less an antiques fair and more a multidisciplinary project for combining the arts.

Mercanteinfiera OFF, Parma