October 29, 2015

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016: The Discoveries sector

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016: The Discoveries sector
March, 24-26, 2016

The Discoveries sector will present its strongest showcase of emerging artists so far with solo- and two-person exhibitions presented by 24 galleries. For this year’s edition, five of the galleries will be completely new to the show, while another six return after a brief hiatus. Highlights of the sector include intricate ink drawings by Pakistani artist Waqas Khan (b. 1982, Pakistan), presented by Sabrina Amrani (Madrid); Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi (Berlin) showing parts of Wu Tsang’s (b. 1982, United States) new body of work ‘Duilan’, exploring the close female relationship between revolutionary poet Qin Jin and calligrapher Wu Zhiying; an installation by Jess Johnson (b. 1979, New Zealand) presented by Darren Knight Gallery (Sydney) which will comprise 13 works on paper and one video work overlaid on a wall covered with wallpaper designed by the artist; Gallery Side 2’s (Tokyo) installation of work by Yusuke Saito (b. 1981, Japan), an artist usually known for his sculptures of food, who will be presenting boxed collages and resin sculptures surrounding ideas of digestion; Experimenter (Kolkata) offers a joint installation of work by Ayesha Sultana (b. 1985, Bangladesh) and Rathin Barman (b. 1984, India) who will share the theme ‘Sculpting in Time’; a focus on the abstraction located at the heart of today’s industry and society, featuring work by Sean Raspet (b. 1981, United States) and Ned Vena (b. 1983, United States), presented by Société (Berlin); and Joel Kyack’s (b. 1972, United States) sculptural installation presented by Workplace Gallery (Gateshead, London), which will explore the conflicts and parallels between intense consumerism, cultural conditions and the historical conditions of Hong Kong.

313 Art Project

Wan Lee
Product, 2015
Courtesy the artist and the gallery

Thomas Erben Gallery

Newsha Tavakolian
Mahud, climbing the wall of the abandoned empty swimming pool, 
which is the only quiet place he can find to practice singing, 2014
Courtesy the artist and the gallery

Yeo Workshop

Edward Clydesdale Thomson
The Distracted Gardner and the Plumbing Subverter, 2013, Installation View
Courtesy the artist and the gallery

Night Gallery

Mira Dancy
Courtesy the artist and the gallery

11R Eleven Rivington

Evan Nesbit
Courtesy the artist and the gallery