December 13, 2014

Gu Changwei at MoCA Shanghai - “ i ” Contemporary Art of GU Changwei

“ i ” Contemporary Art of GU Changwei
Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
December 13, 2014 - March 31, 2015 

The Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai presents an exhibition of works by Gu Changwei.

One of China’s most famous film directors today, Gu Changwei began studying art in his pre-college days. In 1978 he was enrolled into the Cinematography Department of Beijing Film Academy as his entry to the movie industry. His practice and exploration of contemporary art, however, has so far remained largely unknown to the public. In this sense, “ i ” Contemporary Art of Gu Changwei is a presentation of his art works after years of silent accumulation.

In this exhibition, the artist used different media including video, two dimensional pieces, and installation. All the works are closely linked to our day-to-day lives and yet they have represented an unexpected and extraordinary splendor. In front of these works, we question on ourselves and derive all kinds of solutions, which also hide behind the artist's interpretation of the contemporary social values, and thinking of the current physical existence.

This solo exhibition is not intended as a summary or extension of Gu Changwei’s achievements as an artist. Rather, it marks a beginning with a unique perspective, a sober-minded meditation expressed with passion. Here and now, we will see an old friend of ours opening up his brave new world of “ i ” to us.

To explain his motivation in creating these works, Gu Changwei quotes from Marcel Duchamp: “Art is not about itself but about the attention we bring to it.”

The curator of this exhibition, Kong Chang’an was among the curators and organizers of the China/Avant Garde ‘89. In the early 1990s, as an eminent art critic, he introduced China’s contemporary art to the West through Flash Art, a world-famous art magazine. Besides, he is the first Chinese curator to work for the 45th Venice Biennale in “Aperto” in 1993. In recent years, Kong has been more involved in research and practice on visual/video art in the United States.

“ i ” Contemporary Art of Gu Changwei at the MoCA Shanghai is a display of contemporary art based on the trans-disciplinary cooperation between a celebrated film director and a senior curator and on an intellectual dialogue by means of visual/video art. For China’s art circles, it will be the year’s finale notable for its flickering novelty.

Organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai 
Curator: KONG Chang’an

People's Park, 231 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai

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