November 2, 2013

Jutta Jentges Exhibition, Galerie Art Cru Berlin

Jutta Jentges 
Galerie ART CRU Berlin 
Through 16 November 2013

Uber die Meere 1, 2000
Acryl auf Hartfaser und Pappmachée, 64x54
Image Courtesy Galerie ART CRU Berlin

Galerie ART CRU Berlin is showing around 30 works by JUTTA JENTGES. She finished her studies at the Academy of the Arts in Nurenmberg in 1987 and exhibited among other places in Fürth, Bielefeld, Leipzig, Hamburg and 1999 at the Goethe Institute Sydney. After her retreat from the public since 2005, Galerie ART CRU Berlin presents a broad show of works by the artist - and her first one in Berlin. 

JUTTA JENTGES (b. 1961, Erlangen) is fascinated by the perfection of the imperfect since more then 30 years. She creates collages and assemblages out of wood and metal left overs, plastic and paper shreds, fabrics, scrap and broken glass. She joins found objects and materials and paints figures like angels, saints, animals and fools on them. By combining old, thrown-away junk of the consumer society with her newly applied painting unique works are coming into being.

Morgenland, 2002 
Acryl- und Bleistift auf Holz, 45x95
Image Courtesy Galerie ART CRU Berlin 

Her motifs, painted with a simplistic, primary symbolism seem like they came from another world. For Jutta Jentges painting is at the same time a religious practice and a rigorous examination of herself torn between the tensions of life. Her works show men and transcendental beings between religion and sexuality, between wildness and holiness. The spirituality of the images is however constantly grounded by the material presence of her installations, sometimes even broken by it. Inside the richness of the junk used by Jutta Jentges the artist keeps a special fascination for wooden materials. She integrates –carefully and ruthless at the same time – the unadorned fragility, roughness and rawness of the old boards with all of their wounds and holes into her assemblages. Their uniqueness is based on this very union of the antithetic elements in the work of Jutta Jentges: the openly shown fragile momentariness of the used materials and the timeless auratic beauty of her idiosyncratic, iconic style of painting.

Jutta Jentges' Selected exhibitions: 1990, Galerie Kohlenhof, Nuremberg; 1991, Galerietage Fürth; 1994 World Congress for social psychiatry, Hamburg; 1995 Galerie Durchblick e.V. Leipzig; 1997 Ravensburger Spinnerei Bielefeld, 1998, Kunsthaus Nuremberg, 1999 Goetheinstitut, Sydney, Australia

Galerie ART CRU Berlin
Kunsthof, Oranienburger Str. 27, 10117 Berlin, Germany 

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