June 9, 2013

LISTE 18 Art Fair Basel 2013 Highlights

LISTE 18 Art Fair Basel
June 11-16, 2013

In its 18th year, LISTE will be presenting 66 Art galleries from 22 countries. The countries represented are: United Arab Emirates, Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Austria, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and USA.

Brief History of LISTE
At the end of the 1980s, a new, self-assured generation of gallerists and artists were coming of age. They had little chance of securing a space at Art Basel, the world’s most important art fair, though. In 1996, the first LISTE, a fair dedicated exclusively to that new generation, showed 36 galleries from 12 countries and was a resounding success. Looking back over the past 18 years, we note that many, then unknown artists were making their international debut at LISTE. For example, the painter Wilhelm Sasnal, who was presented by Foksal Gallery of Warsaw, or Jim Lambie, with The Modern Institute, who presented a floor installation that was exhibited 10 years later at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Shown by neugerriemschneider, a then unknown artist named Elizabeth Peyton presented her small-format oil and water color pictures. Francesco Vezzoli’s video works were presented by Franco Noero. Steven Parrino, Carol Bove and Banks Violette were presented by Team of New York. The list of artists who got their start at LISTE is long. This success also played itself out with the galleries – among those that were at the time unknown but today belong to the most established, are: neugerriemschneider, Berlin; Eigen + Art, Berlin / Leipzig; Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw; Kurimanzutto, Mexico City; Modern Art, London; The Modern Institute, Glasgow; Air de Paris and Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris; Massimo de Carlo, Milan; David Zwirner, Casey Kaplan and Team, New York. 

LISTE 18: Solo Presentations
In order to provide the artists with a platform befitting the international arena, LISTE lays particular emphasis on solo presentations. Among the 29 solo presentations are: Aaron Bobrow, US, painting, sculpture, video, with Office Baroque, Brussels; Zhao Zhao, CN, installation, painting, with Platform China, Beijing; Basmin Magdy, EG, installation, video, with Hunt Kastner, Prague; the collective Chto Delat?, RU, installation, film, with KOW, Berlin; Nathalie Czech, DE, conceptual photography, with Kadel Willborn, Karlsruhe / Dusseldorf; Rolf Nowotny, DK, mixed media, with Christian Andersen, Copenhagen; Elias Hansen, US, objects, with Viner, London; Tamás Kaszás, HU, installation, with Kisterem, Budapest; Antonio Vega Macotela, MX, installation, video, with Labor, Mexiko City; Feiko Beckers, NL, performance, video, installation, with Hofland, Amsterdam; Sonia Almeida, PT, painting, installation, with Subal, New York.

Hunt Kastner, Prague
They Endorsed Collective Failure as the Dawn of a New Renaissance, 2013
Acrylic, spray paint and watercolor on paper
45.5 x 60.5 cm

CHTO DELAT? Collective
KOW, Berlin
Border Musical, 2013
Technik: HD Video, 16:9, color, sound, 48:30 min

Labor, Mexico City
Time Currency 302, 307, 332, 341-348
Pen on paper, 450 x 970 cm

Returning from Art Basel
10 galleries will be returning to LISTE after an appearance at Statements or Feature at Art Basel last year: Balice Hertling, Paris; Laura Bartlett, London; Fonti, Naples; Harris Lieberman, New York; Hunt Kastner, Prague; Tanya Leighton, Berlin, with artwork by the artist Aleksandra Domanovic; Peres Projects, Berlin; Raster, Warsaw; Micky Schubert, Berlin and Diana Stigter, Amsterdam.

Tanya Leighton, Berlin
Untitled (mash-up), 2012
Stack of A4 paper (9,000 pages)
inkjet print 90 x 21 x 29.7 cm

New Galleries
LISTE’s looking forward to the 8 galleries selected from 250 applicants, who will be making their debut: Aoyama/Meguro, Tokyo, who will present a solo show by Koki Tanaka (b.1975). He is also presenting in the pavilion at the Biennale in Venice. Carlos/Ishikawa, London, will present a solo show by the “shooting star" Oscar Murillo (b.1986) from Columbia. Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin, will show an installation solo presentation by the German Florian Auer (b.1984). Mor Charpentier, Paris, will present video works by Julieta Aranda (b.1975) from Mexico, as well as works by Cevdet Erek from Turkey (b.1974). Both participated in Documenta 13. Non, Istanbul, will present the Turkish artist Meriç Algün Ringborg (b.1983). Silberkuppe, Berlin, will be showing painting and video works by Leidy Churchman from the US (b.1979). VI, VII, Oslo, will present the multi-media artist Eloise Hawser (b.1985) from England. VidalCuglietta, Brussels, will present Nel Aerts (b.1987) from Belgium, with installation, video and painting.

Aoyama/Meguro, Tokyo
A behavioral statement (or an unconscious protest), 2013, HD video, 8min
Photo credit: Takashi Fujikawa ; Credits: filming in cooperation with Korean Cultural Center, Korean Embassy in Japan Commissioned by The Japan Foundation ; Equipment support: Artists' Guild

Carlos/Ishikawa, London
Ossie’s Bingo Boutique, 2013
Mixed media installation
Dimension variable

VI, VII, Oslo
Untitled, 2013
Shower door, pattern for Men’s suit jacket
90 x 200 cm, variable dimensions

Artists over 40
Since LISTE’s inception in 1996, only artists under 40 have been allowed to present at the fair. Over the last several years, however, an increasing number of new galleries have accepted older artists who are often “re-discoveries”. While LISTE has adapted to this changing reality by allowing galleries representing artists over 40 to apply, the fair’s focus remains on young artists and the vast majority of artists presented are still under 40.
Among the artists over 40 who will be appearing at LISTE are Lisa Holzer (b.1971), AT, text and photographic works with Layr, Vienna; Michaela Eichwald (b.1967), DE, painting and installation with dépendance, Brussels; Keiichi Tanaami (b. 1936), JP, drawings with Karma International, Zurich; Stefan Hablützel (b. 1964), CH, sculpture and collage with Lüttgenmeijer, Berlin; Christina Mackie, (b. 1956), GB, installation with Supportico Lopez, Berlin; Markus Karstieß (b.1971), DE,  sculpture and wall relief with Ancient & Modern, London; Claudio Verna, (b.1937), IT, painting with Monitor, Rome; Yael David (b. 1968), IL/NL, mixed media with Stigter, Amsterdam; Eftihis Patsourakis (b.1967), GR, painting and installation with Rodeo, Istanbul; Keith Farquhar (b.1969), GB, painting and objects with Fritz, New York.

Karma International, Zurich
A tree of an elephant, 1989
Wood, lacquer
18.5 x 45 x 79 cm

Supportico Lopez, Berlin
The Dies, 2008
Courtesy Supportico Lopez Berlin

Ancient & Modern, London
Solaris II (Mirror), 2012
Glazed ceramic, platinum, raku, wood
38.5 x 50.5 cm

Leslie Fritz, New York
Three Heads, 2007
Plexiglas, wood, cotton
20 x 40 in
Courtesy the Artist and Leslie Fritz

Performance Project
For the past 9 years, the Performance Project has been an integral part of the fair. It is important to LISTE  to provide a platform for performance, a contemporary art genre that often struggles in the art market. The Performance Project’s new curator is Fabian Schöneich, Basel. This year, the Project will present a number of artists who have a particular interest in sound and its relationship to visual representation. Resulting from a collaboration with Audio Visual Arts of New York, this year’s program will focus on artists who, in a highly distinct manner, examine the production, composition, distribution and technique of sound and who are highly cognizant of the meaning of listening, the formation of sound and linguistic expression.
The performers are: Saâdane Afif, FR; Zin Taylor, CA; Adam Linder, AU; Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda, JP; Lubomyr Melnyk, CA; Juliette Blightman, GB; Hannah Weinberger, CH. 

Performances by Special Guests and Galleries
On Monday and Tuesday, the gallery Jeanine Hofland will be showing performances by Feiko Beckers, NL, at its stand. An action by Martin Kohout, DE, will take place on Thursday, June 13. He will walk unaccompanied through the Gotthard street tunnel. In collaboration with deuxpiece, Kaskadenkondensator will showcase different performances throughout the week, including: Elia Rediger, Monday, June 10; Theatergruppe Glück, Wednesday, June 12; Sarina Scheidegger, Friday, June 14 and Luc Gut, Saturday, June 15. 

Jeanine Hofland, Amsterdam
Three options, 2011
photographic documentation of performance
C-print on aluminum, 60 x 90 cm
Photography: Roy Taylor

Special Guests
This year’s LISTE is host to our special guest, Kunsthaus CentrePasquArt, Bienne, a Swiss institution deeply involved with young art. The House of Electronic Arts, Basel, one of our annual special guests, will present current artists in the area of new media. Kaskadenkondensator, Basel, will present sound experiments in collaboration with deuxpiece and the Academy of Art and Design, Basel. 

The Gallerist Programme
In collaboration with the de Appel Arts Centre Amsterdam/The Fair Gallery, LISTE is providing students in this new program of study with their own gallery stand at LISTE. This is theory being put into practice at LISTE. 

Art Prize 2013
For the 10th time, Nationale Suisse will present its much coveted art prize. This award is intended for a graduate of a Swiss art college majoring in “visual art and media art”. The prize, which includes a monetary award of CHF 15’000 and a solo appearance at LISTE, is this year awarded to the artist team Michael Meier and Christoph Franz, Zurich.

LISTE Art Fair Basel Website: www.liste.ch