March 18, 2013

Paris - France galleries at Art Dubai 2013 - Featured artists and artworks - Part 2

Paris - France Art Galleries at Art Dubai 2013: Featured Artists and Artworks - Part 2

In a previous post I shared with you the list of french galleries from Paris which will exhibiting at Art Dubai 2013 with featured artists and artworks. This post is the second part of this presentation. I start with Imane Farès gallery.


Imane Farès gallery was founded in 2010 in the 6th arrondissement of Paris (41, rue Mazarine), where many great gallery are established. Imane Farès gallery is dedicaced to contemporary art from the Middle-East and Africa. All medium are exhibited: painting, sculpture, video art, installations, mixed media... Imane Farès allows the parisian and the French to discover talented Middle Eastern and African artists. He is recognized for the quality of the artworks exhibited in his gallery. Among the artists represented by Imane Farès gallery are the artists Younès Rahmoun, Billie Zangewa and Ali Cherri whose works will be presented at Art Dubai 2013.

Younès Rahmoun
Darra-Kawn (Atom-Universe), 2012
Metal and chromatic metal, Diameter of 150 cm
Courtesy of the artist Younès Rahmoun and Imane Farès

The work of Younès Rahmoun has been recently exhibited at Imane Farès gallery in Paris (October 2012 - January 2013).

Billie Zangewa
If not now then when?, 2011
Tapestry, silk, 137 x 55 cm
Courtesy of the artist Billie Zangewa and Imane Farès 

Ali Cherri
Going trough my mind, 2011
Photograph, 50 x 65 cm
Courtesy  of the artist  Ali Cherri and Imane Farès