November 20, 2012

Product Design Days 2012, Chennai, India & I Design Awards 2012-2013

PDD - Product Design Days 2012 & I Design Awards 2012-2013Chennai Convention Centre, India
22 & 23 November 2012

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PRODUCT DESIGN DAYS 2012 in India is a platform created for indian small and medium business (SMB) to interact and forge business relationship with design service providers. PDD 2012 is an avenue for SMBs to get an insight on the advantages of integrating design in their businesses, thereby empowering them to compete in the global market. The conference attempts to educate them in the processes and modalities of design development and design management. It is an arena where small & medium business houses can educate themselves with the intricacies and nuances of incorporating product design as a part of their manufacturing process, including how to approach and brief a design firm and plan the early stages of the product design development. Apart from the conference and exhibition, Product Design Days 2012 provides end to end design solutions for SMBs covering the entire spectrum of the product design portfolio.

- Interesting Product and industrial design event in India
- Over 600 Pre-registered delegates from the Indian manufacturing industry
- 15 National and International speakers,
- 25 Design firms and allied industries exhibiting
- 16 International award-winning products on display,
- Design gallery with over 200 international award winning designs
- Daily conferences featuring eminent national and international speakers
- An exhibition showcasing Indian and International design firms and allied industries


The successful first edition of the I Design Awards has declared 39 winners from over 300 submissions selected by jury panel.

Packaging Design: Nikhil Autade - Hardik Gandhi for Godrej Consumer Products Ltd
Lighting Design: Sudhanwa Chavan - Abhijit Bansod for Bpl Technovision Pvt Ltd, Bangalore - Bambooed India for Bambooed
Electronic Equipment Design: Mohit Yadav - Rishabh Bhardwaj - Manojkumar A G for Lumium Innovations (2 products design awarded) - Chandrashekhar Nadgouda for Trane
Electrical Household Devices Design: Sanbid Golui for Designlipi Projects Private Ltd - Sharanya Nair - Sharma Vipul - Chandrashekhar Nadgouda for Trane - Shilpa Marathe
Home and Office Equipment Design: Uttam Banerjee
Public and Outdoor Products Design: Himanshu Goyal
Home Furniture Design: Parin Sanghvi - Hardik Gandhi for Designgandhi
Decorative Items and Culinaryware Design: Vidhi Goel for Tupperware Brands, Slabs - Swati Gakkher For Arttdinox for Arttdinox
Office Furniture Design: Rahul Deshpande for Wipro Ltd-Wipro Furniture Business - Anindya Dasgupta, also for Wipro Furniture Business
Personal Products and Accessories Design: Ankit Vyas for Wellcrow Photogears Pvt. Ltd
Medical Equipment and Devices Design: Sharanya Nair - Malav Sanghvi - Nikhil Autade - Manojkumar A G for Lumium Innovations
Transportation and Mobility Design: Tilak Deepak Roy for Tdr Groups - Riten Gojiya - Susovan Mazumder - Riten Gojiya - Sarwar Sayeed - Raunaq Babbar - Riten Gojiya
Building Components and Sanitaryware Design: Manojna Bellur
Capital Goods Design: Kunal Ghate for Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd
Prosumer Products and Tools Design: Desmania Design Pvt. Ltd for Cst
Recreational Products Design: Sarang Kusale

Here are some pictures of awarded products design. All photos and images of this post are courtesy of the designers, brands/clients, I Design Award & Unitech Exhibitions Private Limited, Chennai.

Plug-in Camera Case by Ankit Vyas
I Design Award Winner in Personal Products and Accessories Design Category, 2012-2013

Camera Case, Design ANKIT VYAS Plug-in Camera and Lenses Case Design by ANKIT VYAS

Plug-in Camera Case, Design ANKIT VYAS Plug-in Camera and Lenses Case Design by ANKIT VYAS

Ankit Vyas, the project leader of the awarded design Plug-in says “Plug-in is the safest camera/lens case available so far. It is the only soft case which can withstand load up to 100 kg and protects equipment against severe jerks and drops from up to 1 m. This is why with Plug-in, taking care of your DSLR is not a hassle anymore. In addition, due to its slim shape any type of existing bag can be used as a camera bag with Plug-in fitted in. Using the removable strap your Plug-in is also a standalone camera bag which can be carried in two different ways. Its waist bag configuration has a unique usage as a protective lens changer for professional photographers.”

camera_case_wellcrow_photogears Plug-in Camera and Lenses Case Design by ANKIT VYAS

This photographic case was previously exhibited in Gujarat Photo Video Trade Fair in August-September, 2012. It was made by Wellcrow Photogears Pvt. Ltd, a start-up by two photography enthusiasts: Ankit Vyas and Shaival Desai.

Munch Cafe Chair by Rahul Deshpande
I Design Award Winner in Office Furniture Design Category, 2012-2013

Munch Cafe Chair Design by  Rahul DeshpandeMunch Cafe Chair Design by RAHUL DESHPANDE

rahul_deshpande_chair_design Munch Cafe Chair Design by RAHUL DESHPANDE

Rahul Deshpande, the project leader of the winning design Munch explains “Most uniquness of the design is its form which helps in 1. keeping/hanging the tiffinbag/handbag/purse temporarily on the nothc in the back rest, making user feel relaxed while eating & 2. the nothches give a firm grip (essentially with both hands) ensuring the housekeeping is handling the chair easily wihtout any stress on their back. It aslo gives a stackable solution. The mat laminate finish not only gives vibrant colours but also provides a comfortable seating grip & also makes the chair maintainence friendly & hygninic.”

Connect retractable tandem bicycle by Susovan Mazumder
I Design Award Winner in Transportation and Mobility Design Category, 2012-2013
susovan_mazumder_design Connect Bicycle Design by SUSOVAN MAZUMDER

susovan_mazumder_design_bicycleConnect Bicycle Design by SUSOVAN MAZUMDER

Susovan Mazumder, the designer of the awarded project Connect demonstrates “Connect is a retractable tandem bicycle which can be ridden solo as well as by two riders. It uses a retractable frame with integrated shaft dive system for engaging and disengaging the secondary pedal to the drive system. it uses simplistic design approach matched with contemporary colors to give a feel of a futuristic and fun city bicycle.”

Numnum a Playful Spoon For Child (2-5 Years Old) by Sarang Kusale
I Design Award Winner in Recreational Products Design Category, 2012-2013

sarang_kusale_design Numnum Design by SARANG KUSALE

sarang_kusale_designer Numnum Design by SARANG KUSALE

Sarang Kusale, the designer of the awarded design Numnum explains “Children of age two to five years like to play always. This element of playfulness can be effectively used to make a monotonous task enjoyable. This spoon encourage the child to eat with his/her own hands, the multiform nature of spoon provides flexibility and encourage to play and eat. To hold the spoon the child can use power grip position, and it will improve the motor movement skills. The perceived multi-form and multi-hold nature of spoons boosts the imagination of child and he/she will think loud and tell different stories. ”

Product Design Days 2012 and I Design Awards 2012-2013 are organised by Chennai based Unitech Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. and managed by Geo & Nobi Events and Exhibitions Pvt Ltd. "This event will help expedite the process of Indian SMBs venturing into Research, Product engineering and Design rather than business houses blindly copying successful product ideas," said Augustine Kurian, MD, Geo & Nobi Events and Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. "We have consciously kept this event as a "no-frills" Manufacturer/Designer meet rather than a forum to discuss Design at a very intellectual level," he added. Unni Tharakan, MD, Unitech Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. said, "The concept of design as a marketing tool will excite the Indian SMBs and is sure to set the ball rolling for indigenous and innovative products meeting international standards."

Established in August 2001, Unitech Exhibitions Private Limited (UEPL) specialises in trade fairs for businesses in niche industrial segments. UEPL has handled trade shows such as Analysis India, EEWAC, Hotel & Restaurant Tech, Bottled Water India, Post Harvest, Business Park, Roof India, Hand Tools & Fastener Expo and third party events like PU Tech 2005 to 2011, Weld India 2005 to 2011.

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