September 11, 2012

Sanus New iPad Mount with Magnetic Case introduced at CEDIA 2012

Sanus introduces a versatile new mounting solution that gives several options for displaying iPads. The  VTM1-S1 is a multi-purpose product that allows an iPad to be mounted in different ways  and is compatible with the new iPad (3rd Gen) and iPad 2. Customers use the VTM1-S1 as a free-standing unit on flat surfaces, a wall mount or as an under-cabinet mount. Once attached to a wall or under a cabinet, the mounting bracket cannot be detached except by use of tools. When used free-standing, no tools or mounting is required; the stand can be picked up and moved as desired. 

Included with the VTM1-S1 is the innovative MagFit case. The transparent case is made from durable polycarbonate. It securely holds the iPad and, because of a built-in neodymium magnetic connector, the case can be attached to and detached from the VTM1-S1’s mounting bracket/stand without tools. The case can also be attached to any magnetic surface, such as a fridge or cabinet. The connector can rotate 360-degrees so the iPad may be used in portrait or landscape orientation. As a result of the easy attachment and detachment of the MagFit case, it’s even great for transporting and using an iPad when on the go. Another feature of the MagFit case is its textured surface, which ensures the user a firm grip. The case is even compatible with Apple Smart Cover (sold separately, not via Sanus) to ensure iPad protection.

Sanus desplayed several other new products at 2012 CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) Expo (September 6-8 in Indianapolis, USA)

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