December 9, 2011

Tate Guide to Modern Art App for iPad and iPhone: Art themes, artists, movements, media and art practices at your fingertips

Art app for iPad and iPhone from famous UK Tate Modern art museum

Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms, produced by Aimer Media, is an art dictionary for iPad or iPhone. Over 300 terms are defined with clarity, putting themes, movements, media and art practices at your fingertips.

The first modern art app to be released by Tate Publishing , one of the world’s leading art publishers, this guide aims to become a staple for gallery goers the world over.

"How many times have you read the caption next to a work of art or a review of a contemporary art exhibition and found yourself none the wiser? For many of us the language in which modern art is described is as mystifying as the art itself. This comprehensive but concise guide is the answer,” says Roger Thorp, Publishing Director at Tate Publishing. “We are hoping this will become one of the best art apps for people engaging with art terms whether they are avid gallery visitors, art students, or people unacquainted with art.”

Users can search the Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms app by artist, movement, technique or trend; view over 40 art works with pinch-and-zoom technology; share art terms via Twitter and Facebook; and create lists of favourite terms, making this the perfect accompaniment for visits to Tate Modern exhibitions and beyond.

The Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms app is based on a book of the same name published by Tate Publishing (2009), edited by Simon Wilson and Jessica Lack.  Simon Wilson, OBE, MA, formerly Head of Interpretation, at Tate, is the author of Egon Schiele and Surrealist Painting, and Jessica Lack is an arts writer for the Guardian.

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