November 15, 2011

Marianna Uutinen, Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland

Exhibition: Marianna Uutinen - New works
Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland
Through November 20, 2011

MARIANNA UUTINEN (b.1961) is showing her new, layered acrylic painting at Galerie Forsblom. This is the last days for this exhibition on view through November 20. The works raise the question of what is essential in the perception of the surface, the material and the modern reality. In her exhibited works Uutinen continues her practice of painting the material of her paintings and then putting them together again as paintings.

Uutinen’s layered acrylic paintings play with kitsch, allurement and charm. With their colours and plasticity they allure the viewer to participate in a perceptual game. Uutinen’s paintings tell about this moment and this time, being here and now, in today’s world. In her new works the artist’s palette moves between bright primary colours, girlish aniline, glamorous gold, and mysterious black.
Uutinen’s painting process has become more intuitive and is getting closer to action painting. What is unusual, is her way of building her works from creased strips of acrylic paintings. The three-dimensional paintings break into the surrounding space like sculptures. They point to the physicality of the painting where the material and the metaphor mix. From abstract projections concrete perceptions of the modern reality are created. Uutinen’s works are also paintings of paintings that are aware of the act of painting.

MARIANNA UUTINEN is one of the leading names in contemporary Finnish art. She is originally from Pieksämäki, but lives and works nowadays in Berlin and Helsinki Uutinen has had well-received solo exhibitions in Finland and she has participated in a number of international group exhibitions in Europe and the USA. She exhibited in The Venice Biennale in 1997.

This is also the last days to see two other exhitions at Galerie Forsblom. Alessandro Twombly is showing its Sculpture and Paintings on Paper (Through November 20, 2011). Another exhibition at Galerie Forsblom, also endind soon, is  "Staining", a great exhibition of works by Japanese artist Hidemasa Fujii.