October 26, 2011

Young Fashion Photographers Now 2012 Poland

Young Fashion Photographers Now 2012 in Poland take place in the town of Lodz from 27 to 30 October 2011. YFPN 2012 is part of FashionPhilosophy, the Fashion Week Poland

young_fashion_photographers Young Fashion Photographers Now 2012, Lodz, Poland, 27 - 30 October 2011
 Photo MICHAL POLAK, michalpolak.iportfolio.pl

The YOUNG FASHION PHOTOGRAPHERS NOW exhibition accompanies each edition of the OFF Out Of Schedule, the OFF module of Fashion Week Poland . YFPN presents the works of young artists and establishing new trends in photography.


“I study photography in Lodz and try to find a balance between Poland and the abroad. Fashion interests me as an additional element in photography. In my opinion photography equals searching, and searching is what I find meaningful.”

agata_kacprzak Photo by AGATA KACPRZAK. Courtesy and © the artist

Born in Warsaw in 1989, Antonina Dolani had studied photography in London for 3 years. She actively engages in fashion and beauty photography. The Italian Vogue has named her the rising star of the fashion photography, and her photographs were published in Kmag, Foto, Take me, Umno and many more. She has received numerous awards, i.e. in the competition organised by the Associate of Photographers in London. She currently lives and works in Warsaw.

antonina_dolani Photo by ANTONINA DOLANI. Courtesy and © the artist

Born in 1987 in Bialystok, Ewa Danowska is a self-taught photographer and head-hunter in the independent photomagazine PRISM. Despite her works being diametrically different from traditional Playboy pictures, she won the Fotoerotica competition in 2010. She looks for magnetic, characteristic faces and charismatic people and is generally inspired by her own dreams and the surrounding world.

ewa_danowska Photo by EWA DANOWSKA. Courtesy and © the artist

Greg Adamski is an author of numerous fashion and portrait photoshoots, but since he is mainly interested in fashion-related phenomena, he enjoys breaking these. He studied at the ASP in Wroclaw and at the PWSFTViT in Lodz. He works with Jaga Hupalo, Frol&Zalesky, Nenukko, and Alicja Antoszczyk. His last projects include TOUCH (Spot Poznań), KILLS BEAUTY (Jaga Hupało) and NOT SPECIFIED (presented during Fashion Week Poland).


Photo by GREG ADAMSKI. Courtesy and © the artist

“I was born on the 24th of February 1993. I’am a high school student Poznan, and I have had the pleasure of making Anna Orska’s jewellery campaign. My works have been featured in K-Mag, Exklusiv and VIVA! Moda. I have shown my work at several exhibitions and I cooperate with numerous designers. When taking photographs, I enjoy showing expressiveness and transcience of the present.”

Krzysztof Adamek Photo by KRZYSZTOF ADAMEK. Courtesy and © the artist

“I am 28 years old and live in Wroclaw. I have taken up photography four years ago, during the third year of my Psychology studies. In my works I focus on the relationship/dialogue between the model and the space she is in. I try to capture the moments, movements, postures suspended in between pictures, moments without posing, weightless. So far my works have appeared in a number of magazines and zines and on the covers of two books. I have also participated in several exhibitions. Last year, my first album was published by the Berlin-based POGO BOOKS. This spring my works were exhibited in Nizio galery in Warsaw.”

lukasz_wierzbowski Photo by LUKASZ WIERZBOWSKI. Courtesy and © the artist

19 years old, Martyna Galla is a student at the PWSFTViT in Lodz. She is represented by Van Dorsen Talents. martynagalla.com

Martyna Galla

Photo by MARTYNA GALLA. Courtesy and © the artist/Van Dorsen Talents

Born in Czestochowa, fashion enthusiast and style admirer. Gray eminence as a rule. “I would like to combine fashion and photography and keep getting more experienced, because I am in love with beauty”

Michal Deska

Photo by MICHAL DESKA. Courtesy and © the artist.

Born in 1984, Michal Polak brought up in the suburbs of industrial Łódź.He is an self-taught photographer “who transfers anxieties of a social misfit into photos. “Fascinated with ‘impersonality’ and blurred sexuality”, the artist is also “interested in pretty much everything except politics”.

Michal Polak

Photo by MICHAL POLAK. Courtesy and © the artist.

“I am 18 and I attend the graduating class. I live and breathe photography, I dream of working for prestigious fashion magazines. I am inspired by everything. I don’t have a favourite photographer, but I enjoy the works of Tyszka and Walker.”

Paulina Wydrzynska

Photo by PAULINA WYDRZYNSKA. Courtesy and © the artist.

The Photographers duo ZOSIA ZIJA and JACEK PIORO have been together (both privately and professionally) for a couple of years. Portrait, fashion, documentary. They are mainly interested in the human aspect of fashion. As commercial photographers, they work with most of the Polish publishing houses and also publish abroad. Solo and group exhibitions in Warsaw, Pozań, Milan, Castelo Branco, Brussels, Rome, New York, Los Angeles. Awards: 2007: IPA (International Photography Awards, LA) – 1st place in the people category. Apart from being inspired by photography, they name filmmaking and film watching as another source of inspiration. Their works can be found at zija-pioro.com.

Zija & Pioro Photo by ZIJA & PIORO. Courtesy and © the artists.

Venue: Łódź Special Economic Zone, 22/24 Tymienieckiego Street, Łódź, Poland

Also at Fashion Week Poland:

FASHION AND MOVIE: Fashion Film Festival

Combining fashion and motion pictures is the lastest of all FashionPhilosophy projects. Nowadays, many designers wish to see their projects on the big screen, encouraging film-makers to create avant-garde films featuring their collections. Tomasz Ossolinski cooperated in such project with Magda Wunsche & Samsel, Konrad Parol with Marcin Kempski and Czlowiek Warga, and La Mania designers engaged in a joint project with Xawery Zulawski and Jan Kaczmarek (shown as a part of the Fashion Film Festival). It is worth mentioning here that this phenomenon is popular among people from the film industry, like style icon Tilda Swinton or designer Tom Ford. Motion pictures created by Yves Saint Laurent, Yohji Yamamoto, Kate Moss. Naomi Campbell or Tim Walker have already been screened during A Shaded View Of Fashion Film Festival – a world-famous film festival created in Paris by Diane Pernet. Before Pernet's film festival comes back to FashionPhilosophy in May, Autumn edition FW visitors will have a chance to watch motion pictures selected especially for Fashion Week audience.

FashionPhilosophy: Fashion Week Poland

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