June 17, 2011

Live art sound performances at Raven Row, London, June-July 2011

Gone with the Wind 
Live Art Sound Performances 
Raven Row, London 
June & July 2011 

Photo of ESTHER FERRER - Unesco Paris - CourtesyRaven Row, London 
In conjunction with the sound art exhibition Gone with the Wind, Raven Row presents a programme of seven sound based performances through June and July 2011. Including established artists such as Esther Ferrer, the programme will also comprise presentations from the burgeoning experimental music and sound art scene selected by Ed Baxter, exhibition curator and director of art radio station Resonance104.4fm. 

Esther Ferrer 
Saturday 25 June, 7pm
Artist Esther Ferrer (b. 1937, Spain), is best known for her radical performances, her principal form of artistic expression since 1965, both as a soloist and as a member of pioneering experimental music and performance art group ZAJ (1959-93). Alongside composers Juan Hidalgo and Walter Marchetti, Ferrer participated in the group's ‘visible music’ actions and extended concerts. Known as a proponent of free expression, confrontation, feminism and authentic experience, Ferrer will present an entirely new performance piece in Raven Row’s gallery space.

Saturday 2 July, 2pm
The Bonham Brothers are two London based brothers and noise musicians known for making music by playing bric-a-brac as instruments. A burnt tape machine found during the recent restoration of Raven Row has been made into a sculpture by artist Richard Crow for the Resonance Open. Crow and the Bonham Brothers will resurrect the destroyed machine as an instrument for this performance. 

Thursday 7 July, 7pm
The Resonance Radio Orchestra will perform the newly composed Lascia o raddoppia? [Double or quits?], a radiophonic reconstruction of the 1950s Italian television quiz show of the same name. One of the winners of this hugely popular show was Walter Marchetti, an artist in the current exhibition Gone with the Wind, who as a teenager answered questions on contemporary music. Another contestant was quintessential avant-garde composer John Cage, answering questions about his specialist subject of mushrooms.

Saturday 9 July, 2pm
Alongside a sixteen strong choir, Israeli singer and experimental musician Sharon Gal will perform The Long Drone. Acoustic instruments and multiple voices will ‘drone’ for two hours in a style pitched somewhere between natural soundscapes, La Monte Young's The Theatre of Eternal Music and The Scratch Orchestra.

Sunday 10 July, 2pm
Sound artists and theorists Lucia Farinati and Brandon LaBelle will discuss the newly published Site of Sound, a book that considers radio as a sonic architecture. Sound researcher Ian Rawes will join them to introduce a discussion about field recording and phonography.

Saturday 16 July, 2pm
British artist Christopher Weaver will perform Variations for a Room and a Tone, an installation that will make audible the resonant frequencies of Raven Row to produce music. Weaver will be joined by the members of the electro-acoustic quartet Oscillatorial Binnage.

Sunday 17 July, 2pm
Radio artists Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann form the Anglo-German duo Tonic Train who will give a performance combining radio feedback and wine. Having recently moved to the Mosel region of Germany, in the heart of the country's wine growing area, Tonic Train will combine their new found passion for vinification with a lifelong saturation in avant-garde sonic arts.

All events are free and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Reservation needed for Esther Ferrer event.