February 18, 2011

Maria Cristina Carlini' Sculptures in Miami

Exhibition: Maria Cristina Carlini. Miami. 
Sculpt Miami park 
Dade College, Miami International Sculpture Park  
Miami Beach Botanical Garden  
Coral Gables Museum 

It has been postponed till February 28, 2011 the exhibition entitled 

This new stage for the creativity of Maria Cristina Carlini, who, accepting the invitation of the city of Miami, has brought her monumental works to the attention of the public in Florida with several events that highlight not only her production but also her own personality as an artist.

Inaugurated on November 30 as  part of the art show Sculpt Miami 2010 - a side-event of Art Basel Miami Beach – the exhibition goes ahead in full autonomy sustained by the excellent interest shown by art lovers and collectors who till December 5 have been packing the numerous appointments of the fair.

The exhibition is held in four prestigious locations. In the former exhibition park of Sculpt Miami in Wynwood art district are placed two imposing corten steel sculptures: Gran Via,  wonderful alternating volumes along perpendicular and diagonal lines that play with space and void and La Vittoria di samotracia (The winged Victory of Samothrace - about 3 metres high), with the vigor of her forward-thrusting body representing the young goddess Nike, daughter of Zeus. 

Maria Cristina Carlini 
La Vittoria di Samotracia, 2008 
corten steel, 280 x 200 x 70 cm
Photo © AstudioF

The renown Miami Dade College, the largest university in Florida, which this year celebrates the 50th anniversary of its opening, hosts in its Miami International Sculpture Park Isole (Islands), a perfect marriage between the ductility of the clay and the solidity of the corten steel (300x150x20 cm).

Maria Cristina Carlini
Isole, 2010
acciaio corten e creta, 300 x 150 x 200 cm
Photo © AstudioF

Inside the luxuriant Miami Beach Botanical Garden the sculpture Mistero (Mystery) finds its ideal location and the birch trunks coming out from the corten steel elements find a true link to the surrounding setting. 

Maria Cristina Carlini 
Mistero, 2008 
corten steel, birch trunks, 350 x 170 x 20 cm
Photo © AstudioF

At Coral Gables Museum stands Maria Cristina Carlini's sculpture Icaro (Icarus), whose pierced corten steel lightens its massive structure calling to mind the flight.

Maria Cristina Carlini 
Icaro, 2009 
corten steel , 280 x 250 x 130 cm
Photo © AstudioF

For this tireless artist, it is essential to be given the opportunity to exhibit her sculptures in public places. As it has often been stressed when commenting on the ‘en plein air’ exhibitions of Maria Cristina Carlini’s works, her “culture making”, as well as having aesthetic and artistic implications, is aimed to interact and relate – even psychologically - with the surrounding environment.

Power and materiality are the main features of the monumental works of Maria Cristina Carlini. The Milanese sculptress, always looking for an expressive means and for spontaneous chromaticity, goes far beyond sculpture meant as celebration. 

From quite some time now the artistic development of sculptor Maria Cristina Carlini has enjoyed a breath and echo at the international level, and 2010 proved to be a very significant year for the artist and his art.


Maria Cristina Carlini started working ceramics in the early Seventies in Palo Alto, California. She returned to Europe in 1978. In 1983 she held a solo exhibition in the Rocca Borromea, a Fortress located in Angera.

During the artistic activity of Maria Cristina Carlini, exhibitions in numerous international public and private venues, including the following solo exhibitions: in Rome at  the State Archives; Turin, in the monumental complex of the Royal Palace and at the National Museum of Villa Pisani in Strà-Venice; at the National Library of Cosenza and at the State Archive of Milan.

In 2009 the city of Paris housed her monumental sculptures in the Mairie of the 5th Arrondissement and in the streets of the historic centre. In Loreto she holds a solo exhibition and in Spain several monumental sculptures are housed in the streets of Madrid. In the same year at Guggenheim Collection in Venice there is the presentation of her monograph Maria Cristina Carlini.

In 2010 in Reggio Calabria is held a solo exhibition of her works in the Aragonese Castle and along the promenade. 

On the occasion of the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Italy and China, her monumental work Viandanti (Wayfarers) was installed permanently in front of the Italian Embassy in Beijing. Always in Beijing, in the  Forbidden City, the solo exhibition “Colloquio tra giganti” (“A Talk amongst Giants”) is inaugurated. Maria Cristina Carlini is the first contemporary sculptress to exhibit in the imperial complex.

On the occasion of the 4th Art Biennial of Beijing her corten steel sculptures, Dancers, is exhibited for the first time. Maria Cristina Carlini is then in Shanghai with two of her monumental sculptures in conjunction with the World Expo 2010. 

In the same period her works are exhibited in Denver, USA and in Cap D’Agde in Southern France.

Her production has been followed by prominent curators and art critics, such as Luciano Caramel, Gillo Dorfles, Yacouba Konatè, Elena Pontiggia.

Some of Maria Cristina Carlini’s large scale sculptures are permanently set in the following places: City Museum of Pesaro, Central State Archive in Rome Eur, Court of Auditors of Milan, new establishment in Rho of Milan International Fair, Pizza dei Valdesi in Cosenza, Paris, Gardens of Porta Marina in Loreto, on Italo Falcomatà Promenade of Reggio Calabria, in the Chinese cities of Beijing, Jinan and Tianjin and in the USA, Denver.