November 3, 2010

Mapping Bo-Kaap: History, Memories and Spaces

Mapping Bo-Kaap: History, Memories and Spaces
Iziko Bo-Kaap Museum, Cape Town
On permanent display in the Museum's Community Hall
since October 14, 2010

Mapping Bo-Kaap: History, Memories and Spaces is presented by Iziko Social History Collections department. This exhibition is inspired by a mapping survey project conducted by Vidamemoria Heritage Consultants.

The Mapping Survey Project set out to establish a sense, from the residents themselves, of the nature and location of important sites in the area. Randomly selected participants were asked to identify significant spaces and cultural traditions associated with the area. Participants were also asked to share their views regarding the protection and promotion of heritage resources, as well as why they enjoyed living in the area.

A range of sites, from street corner cafés to spiritual places such as mosques, were categorised as ‘significant’ by members of the community. This exhibition summarises the main findings of the survey and includes a number of historic and contemporary photographs of Bo-Kaap, providing a glimpse into the history and evolution of the area, whose community was also affected by the Group Areas Act.

The contributors to Mapping Bo-Kaap: History, Memories and Spaces hope that the display will serve as a catalyst for an ongoing dialogue, encouraging Bo-Kaap residents to share their stories and memories with Iziko, so that the heritage and cultural life of the area can take its place in civic and national life and may be preserved and shared for many generations to come.

71 Wale Street
Cape Town
South Africa

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