August 25, 2010

Art Forum Berlin 2010 Sector Focus – Young galleries space

art forum berlin 2010
New concept and new location for the SECTOR FOCUS

Art Forum Berlin 2010

The SECTOR FOCUS for young galleries which are no older than six years will be one of the highlights of the International Art Show at this year’s art forum berlin. The Selection Committee and the Show Management have decided to integrate the sector focus into the two historic Ermish Halls. Within the sector galleries, the stands of the young galleries will be in the centre of the respective hall.

Furthermore, the SECTOR FOCUS has an attractive novelty: Each gallery admitted by the Selection Committee was authorized to invite one additional gallery to participate. The new concept allows the young galleries to decisively co-determine the orientation of the sector. Each participating gallery may show works by a maximum of two artists. With this reorientation of the concept of the International Art Show, not only the quality of the group of participants is decisively strengthened, but the profile of art forum berlin – concentration on the most recent artistic creations – is further sharpened.

Also new is the loosened-up stand architecture by the English designer Jason Smith (Spread Design, London). It reflects the new concept of the sector by two large stands measuring 25 m2 forming a unit.

In the context of its state initiative “Project Future”, this year again the Senate Administration for Economy, Technology and Women will make prize money amounting to € 7000 available for the “best” stand in the sector focus. The galleries will be judged by Ariane Beyn, artistic director of the DAAD artists’ programme, Axel Haubrok, collector, and Holger Liebs, chief editor of monopol.

The following galleries will exhibit in the SECTOR FOCUS the artists listed with the first-mentioned gallery being the one chosen by the Selection Committee and having invited the second-mentioned gallery to participate:

After the birth year, the city name is is the city where the artist lives and works.



The Yes No Quality of Dreams Consequence B, 2009
Video, running time 3 min 08 secs
Courtesy AMP, Athens

> AMP, Athens
Mark Briggs *1977, Glasgow
+ Pianissimo, Milan
Shana Moulton *1976, Brooklyn


> Niklas Belenius, Stockholm
Johan Strandahl *1966, Stockholm
AIDS-3D: Daniel Keller *1986 and Nik Kosmas *1985, Berlin
+ Beaver Projects, Copenhagen
Christian Finne *1974, Copenhagen
Hartmut Stockter *1973, Copenhagen

> Dana Charkasi, Vienna
Ute Mueller *1978, Vienna
Kostis Velonis *1968, Athens
+ Kunstagenten, Berlin
Nico Krebs *1979 and Taiyo Onorato *1979, Berlin


> DUVE, Berlin
Sarah Oppenheimer *1972, New York
+ Museum 52, New York, London
Philip Hausmeier, Berlin
Mariah Robertson *1975, New York


MARIAH ROBERTSON, Museum 52, London, New York

" 62 ", 2010
61 x 117 cm
Unique colour print on metallic paper
Courtesy Museum 52, London, New York


> Figge von Rosen, Cologne
Rebecca Ann Tess *1980, New York and Frankfurt
+ Newman Popiashvili, New York
Helen Beckman *1960, New York
Davis Cherubini: Taylor Davis and Nicole Cherubini *1970, Boston and Brooklyn


REBECCA ANN TESS, Figge von Rosen, Cologne

Missing Image #3 (Series 'From the Green Belt'), 2010
67,5 x 90 cm - Digital C-Print
Courtesy Figge von Rosen, Cologne


> Klemm’s, Berlin
Gwenneth Boelens *1980, Amsterdam
Falk Haberkorn *1974, Leipzig
+ Ambach & Rice, Seattle
Grant Barnhart *1978, Seattle


GRANT BARNHART, Ambach & Rice, Seattle

The Other Woman, 2010
45,75 cm x 61 cm - acrylic on canvas
Courtesy Ambach & Rice, Seattle


> Lüttgenmeijer, Berlin
Erica Baum *1961, New York
David Jablonowski *1982, Amsterdam
+ Norma Mangione, Turin
Francesco Barocco *1972, Turin
BANK, London


DAVID JABLONOWSKI, Luttgenmeijer, Berlin

Tchogha Zanbil Sequences, 2010
150 x 105 x 100 cm
Mirror steel, offset printing plates, plastic sheet
Coutesy Lüttgenmeijer, Berlin


> Kai Middendorff, Frankfurt am Main
Neil Beloufa *1985, Paris
+ Bischoff / Weiss, London
Matt Goulden *1974, London
Ruairiadh O'Connell *1983, Frankfurt

> Neon Parc, Melbourne
Lane Cormick *1975, Melbourne
+ Utopian Slumps, Melbourne
Starlie Geikie *1975, London


> On Stellar Rays, New York
Tommy Hartung *1979, New York
+ IMO, Copenhagen
A-Kassen: Christian Bretton-Meyer *1976, Morten Steen Hebsgaard *1977, Søren Petersen *1977, Tommy Petersen *1975, Copenhagen
Ferdinand Ahm Krag *1977, Copenhagen


TOMMY HARTUNG, On Stellar Rays, New York

Cut # 2, 2009
34.30 x 44.45 cm - C-print
Courtesy On Stellar Rays, New York


> PSM, Berlin
Ujino Muneteru *1964, Tokyo
+ Tanja Wagner, Berlin
Mariechen Danz *1980, Berlin



Plywood City, 2008
dimensions variable - Mixed media, sound
Courtesy PSM, Berlin


> Jette Rudolph, Berlin
Constantin Luser *1976, Vienna
Johannes Vogl *1981, Berlin
+ Laden für Nichts, Leipzig
Andreas Grahl *1964, Leipzig
FAMED: Sebastian Matthias Kretzschmar *1978, Kilian Schellbach *1971, Jan Thomaneck *1974, Leipzig

> Eva Winkeler, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne
Rashawn Griffin *1980, New York
Oliver Voss *1977, Frankfurt
+ Mot international, London
Tom Ellis *1973, London
Clunie Reid *1971, London

ART FORUM BERLIN, 7-10 October 2010

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