June 3, 2010

Yuichi Yokoyama, BBF, at Arataniurano, Tokyo

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Yuichi Yokoyama, BBF – Baby Boom Final

Arataniurano, Tokyo

June 4 -  July 14, 2010


Yuichi Yokoyama, Cover of Baby Boom Final

    Yuichi YOKOYAMA, Cover of Baby Boom Final
    art collection book
    Publisher: Akio Nagasawa Publishing
    In cooperation with ARATANIURANO
    © Yuichi Yokoyama, 2010. Courtesy ARATANIURANO


Yuichi YOKOYAMA was born in 1967 in Miyazaki prefecture in Japan. After studying oil painting at an art university, he began to draw manga as a medium that best suited his form of expression. To date, he has produced many manga pieces including, New Engineering, Travel, NIWA, Outdoor, and Baby Boom, which has gained high acclaim both in and out of Japan.


Yuichi Yokoyama, Saizo

  Yuichi YOKOYAMA, Saizo
  Paper, pencil, watercolor, marker, and screentone
  © Yuichi Yokoyama 2005. Courtesy ARATANIURANO


In addition to his current solo show Yuichi Yokoyama –All Documentation on NEO Manga: I'm Drawing the Time being held at the Kawasaki City Museum, Yuichi Yokoyama has participated in many exhibitions including Roppongi Crossing at  Mori Art Museum (2007) and City_net Asia at Seoul Museum of Art.

Yuichi Yokoyama's manga, which he describes as "drawing time", is a clear departure from common story form manga. Dialog is sparse and onomatopoeias such as "do do do do" and "wa-" are boldly used. In an atmosphere that is uncanny but attractive, cool characters freely move around with a sense of speed. This unique expression that Yokoyama himself describes as "neo-manga" has easily overcome the limits of a two dimensional media to superbly draw "time" and "space". His work brings fresh surprises and excitement to the viewer and has continued to have great impact extending beyond the genre.


Yuichi Yokoyama, Boat from Baby Boom

   Yuichi YOKOYAMA, "Boat'’ (section) from Baby Boom
   © Yuichi Yokoyama 2009. Courtesy ARATANIURANO


To commemorate last month's release of Yuichi Yokoyama's newest collection of work, Baby Boom Final (Akio Nagasawa Publishing), pieces handpicked by Yokoyama from the accumulated original drawings that were created over a period of about 2 years for this book will be made into silkscreen and exhibited for the ARATANIURANO solo show "BBF". Also, 100 limited edition custom-bound books with original work and t-shirts will be sold.


3A 2-2-5 Shintomi Chuo-ku
Tokyo 104-0041


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