May 31, 2010

VOLTA 6 Basel June 16-20, 2010


VOLTA6 Basel 2010


VOLTA6 - Basel

16 - 20 June, 2010


VOLTA, now in its sixth edition, gathers a unique selection of 81 highly respected international galleries for exhibition in the fresh new venue, the Dreispitzhalle. 

The 2010 Curatorial Board—composed of Adam Budak, curator of Kunsthaus Graz and co-curator of Manifesta 7;  Jacopo Crivelli Visconti , Critic & Curator, Sâo Paulo,  Christoph Doswald,  art  critic and curator, Zürich; Jasper  Sharp, curator and writer, Vienna; and  Stephanie Smith, contemporary curator at Smart Museum of Art, Chicago—worked through more than 350 applications to select 81 galleries from 28 countries

This eighty-one strong group of both emerging and mature galleries, emphasize the internationalism of the board and the continued focus and ideology of VOLTA Basel: to showcase a strong, curatorial selected presentation of artwork from a range of galleries in experience and identity. 

On the strength of the New York edition, the Basel curators conceived a new section, VOLTA SOLO in which 15 out of the 79  booths will be dedicated to strictly single artist presentations. In true VOLTA style, these are presented by both emerging galleries  new to  the VOLTA platform alongside mid-career galleries, all presenting artists on the cutting edge in a close and dedicated form of collaboration. 

The VOLTA SOLO Section comprises  Galerie Baer with  local  Dresden-based artist  Hannes Broecker ;  Tokyo gallery MA2  with Akihiro Higuchi ; the Parisian ColletPark with  Herwig Weiser  (Vienna/Cologne); Berlin’s magnus müller with 2008 Whitney Biennal participant Ellen Harvey; Georgia Scherman Projects from Toronto with  homegrown duo  Jennifer Marman &  Daniel Borins; Motive from Amsterdam representing Paris-based  Raphaël Zarka; P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E, Ljubjana,  presenting local artist  Tadej Pogacar ; acb galeria from Budapest with the Hungarian  artist  Gyula Várnai  from the city of Dunaújváros; moniquemeloche  from Chicago with local artist Justin Cooper ; galerieofmarseille representing local artist  Hervé Paraponaris; Republic representing Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist  Holly Ward;  Zaum Projects  from Lisbon with Berlin-based Katrin Korfmann; and finally Ybakatu Espaço de Arte out of Curitiba, Brazil,  showcasing the works of São Paulo-based artist João Loureiro.

Indeed, with the addition of a Brazilian-based curator to the Curatorial Board former VOLTA exhibitors such as Eduardo Leme and Nara Roesler  (São Paolo) are joined by newcomers Ybakatu Espaço  de Arte  (Curtiba)  as well Laura Marsiaj  (Rio). Other geographical areas with newly enlarged representation include Canada—with a gallery from each of the three major cities: Georgia Scherman Projects, Toronto; Republic Gallery, Vancouver; and Parisian Laundry; Montreal—and Italy with five galleries from four major cities: V.M. 21 and  Furinin arte contemporanea,  Rome; Magrorocco, Milan; Umberto Di Marino, Naples; and Perugi arte contemporanea, Padua.

Adhoc gallery, Vigo, exhibited the work of artists Jasmina Cibic and Jorge Perianes.


JASMINA CIBIC, Ideologies of Display (Tyto alba), 2008

JASMINA CIBIC, Ideologies of Display (Tyto alba), 2008, lambda c-type print diasec mounted, 120 x 120 cm. Ed 5, Courtesy adhoc gallery, Vigo / Volta 6, Basel.



JORGE PERIANES, Untitled, 2010, wood, wood pulp, acrylic painting, 67 x 52 x 7 cm, Courtesy adhoc gallery, Vigo / Volta 6, Basel.


Artists showing at VOLTA6 UNCOVERED included Marlon de Azambuja presented by the gallery Furini Arte Contemporanea, Rome, and Kristof Kintera presented by the gallery Jiri Svestka, Prague.


Marlon de Azambuja, Evidencia, 2010

Marlon de Azambuja, Evidencia, 2010, Color print on alluminium, 100 x 75 cm, Courtesy Furini Arte Contemporanea, Rome / Volta 6, Basel.

Marlon de Azambuja, Metaesquema, 2009

Marlon de Azambuja, Metaesquema, 2009, drawing on photo, 20 x 30 cm, Courtesy Furini Arte Contemporanea, Rome / Volta 6, Basel.


Kristof Kintera, Paradise now, 2009

Kristof Kintera, Paradise now, 2009, zinc - coated steel, each 200 x 250 x 50 cm, by now 12 pieces, Courtesy Jiri Svestka, Prague / Volta 6, Basel.


Twenty-five of the 81 exhibitors are new to the platform, including (excluding those already mentioned above): 

van der Mieden Galerie (Antwerp);  Crown (Brussels);  acb Gale ria (Budapest);  moniquemeloche (Chicago);  Galerie Christian Lethert (Cologne);  Specta (Copenhagen);  Galerie Baer  (Dresden);  Kevin Kavanagh  Gallery (Dublin);  Zaum  Projects, (Lisbon);  P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Institute (Ljubljana);  Danielle Arnaud Contemporary (London); Madder139 (London); Formato Comodo (Madrid);  LOST Projects and Pablo Art Gallery (Manila);  Pobeda  (Moscow);  Y Gallery (New York); Galleri Erik Steen (Oslo);  galerie  ColletPark and  Schirman et de Beaucé (Paris); adhoc Galeri a (Vigo).

With its fresh new location, a return  to the tightly-focused grouping of earlier years, a strong and respected curatorial board and a thought-provoking selection of 81 international galleries,  VOLTA6 “remains the world-renowned, cutting-edge art event in Basel”, said the organizers..

VOLTA was founded in 2005 by dealers Kavi Gupta (Chicago); Ulrich Voges (Frankfurt) and Friedrich Loock (Berlin).



Dreispitz Area Gate 13
Helsinki Strasse 5

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