January 31, 2010

Exhibition Preliminaries: Design and Love in Paris

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First Exhibition on view at a new great Art Gallery in Paris:

SLOTT Gallery

with recent works by

matali crasset, Arik Levy,

Mathieu Lehanneur, Florence Jaffrain


Preliminaries - Design Exhibition at Slott Gallery, Paris, France

  © SLOTT Gallery, 2009.


As an extension of a project on the theme of love, SLOTT gallery and Exquise Design® have invited four designers to play out their fantasies, giving shape and meaning, breathing life into their conceptions of preliminaries. They have approached this subject from different and complementary viewpoints that together offer a panorama of creation like no other seen before.

Arik Levy unveils his work on the spoken and the unspoken of intimate relations with his series of installations entitled « Confessions » that includes, among other elements, an examination of the iconography of sexuality alongside a kind of modern home confessional. As the theme of the exhibition required that contributions be solicited from both male and female designers in equal measure, it is fascinating to observe the ways in which, by sharing their visions, they complete and engage each other. matali crasset and Florence Jaffrain carry us away to underwater paradises with their respective works « Aequorea » and « Belly Love », creating soft and sensual shapes that run up against Matthieu Lehanneur’s torrid yet petrified flames in his « The Power of Love ».

Visitors will also be struck by the singular visions of the four designers, each of which offers a completely different approach to objects. With his Confessions, Arik Levy makes the object a tool for communication, standing in for the fears and concerns we often find it so difficult to voice. Straddling the boundaries of design and architecture, matali crasset approaches the object as a space. Matthieu Lehanneur, working from a more sculptural perspective, raises the object to the heights of allegory (of the couple), at the same time endowing it with a mediating role. Last but not least, Florence Jaffrain tends to make the object an end in itself, by creating a sofa that might almost be perceived as playing the role of the lover, becoming an object of desire.



matali crasset
Arik Levy
Mathieu Lehanneur
Florence Jaffrain

SLOTT Gallery
12, rue du Château Landon
75010 Paris, France

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