January 13, 2010

Jamie Paul Paintings Exhibition at tcc Gallery, Singapore

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Mixmedia Painting by Jamie Paul, A Vision of Empty Fantasie, 2009. Exhibited at ttc Gallery, Singapore, 2010

Jamie Paul
A vision of empty fantasies and manufactured dreams

ttc Gallery, Singapore
12 January - 31 March 2010 

© Jamie Paul, A Vision of Empty Fantasie, 2009 
124 x 113 mixmedia on canvas 
Courtesy ttc The Gallery, Singapore

tcc “The Gallery” (Singapore)  presents, British Artist  Jamie Paul 2010 solo exhibition Neon Jungle: a vision of empty fantasies and manufactured dreams an exhibition of 12 works on canvas

Neon Jungle is the third solo exhibition to be based in Singapore by British artist Jamie Paul.
Heavily influenced by popular culture and its obsession with beauty and celebrity, Jamie stylishly combines his vision of a fantastical and hyper-real world, where individuals demand instant gratification, people and neon signs collide, colours bleed and glossy photo-shopped images are idolised.

Mixmedia Painting by Jamie Paul,  Butterfly Warior, 2009. Exhibited at ttc Gallery, Singapore, 2010 In his latest works, Jamie explores issues of self-identity, focusing directly on individuals. The subjects within each painting are all generically ‘beautiful, a myth or vision of apparent perfection, mimicking the idols and pin ups seen in magazines and on television. Through the familiar poses that the figures strike and the absence of any physical scene or environment in which they are placed, Jamie is stripping away any context or predefined meaning.

© Jamie Paul, Butterfly Warior, 2009, 
mixmedia on canvas, 150 x 150. 
Courtesy of tcc Gallery

Society’s narcissistic self obsessions have become the inspiration behind the new work created for this exhibition. According to Jamie, ‘’People are obsessed with themselves in the developed world today, our perception of ourselves or others perceptions of us are no longer dictated by where we are from or by our background, but more on what clothes we wear, how expensive they are, the music we listen to and where we socialise”.

The idea of incorporating the glossy and pristine nature of magazine and advertising imagery in an empty context inspired the artist. He says, ‘’On first impression, the scale of the figures and their innate beauty suggest that one should admire and aspire to be like them, however, on closer inspection, each figure sits in isolation only comforted by images of themselves, thoughts of self reflection or depictions of varying negative emotions. These subtleties relate to the darker, underlying side of contemporary society, fame & celebrity and the narcissistic tendencies contemporary society seemingly encourages’’.

As for the title ‘Neon Jungle’, the word ‘neon’ coveys the impression of ‘fake’ or ‘manufactured’ in this context, the realization that the images that individuals are exposed to on a daily basis are increasingly adapted and manipulated in order to fulfill daily fantasies. ‘Jungle’ conveys a ‘wild’ or ‘uncontrolled’ darker meaning, suggesting that when scratching beneath the surface of this fake, manufactured world, all may not be as perfect as it seems.

Having had a handful of solo shows and multiple group shows in both the UK and Australia, this will be Jamie Paul’s third solo show held in Singapore, showing work made and inspired by his time here.

  © Jamie Paul, A Beautiful Envy, 2009
  150 x 150 mixmedia on canvas
   Courtesy of the artist / tcc The Gallery, Singapore

Biography of artist Jamie Paul
Born in London in 1978, Jamie Paul completing his Fine Art education in the United Kingdom : 1999 - National Diploma Foundation Art ; 2002 - BA(Hons) Fine art, University College Northampton. After this Art education, Jamie Paul has lived and worked as an exhibiting visual artist in both the UK and Australia.
Focusing on painting, Jamie Paul uses a mixture of media such as oil and acrylic paint, charcoal, oil stick, spray paint and even household paint on canvas, mixing traditional values with modern techniques and imagery. Images overlap and intersperse to create a juxtaposition of varying styles, the outcome is a powerful fusion of contemporary society and tradition, a mix of East meets West.
Jamie Paul is heavily influenced by his love of travel and his immediate environment, popular culture and contemporary city living. Jamie Paul’s work is a thought provoking reflection and insight into one’s own self, identity and the unconscious effect our surroundings have on us.
Jamie Paul lives and works in Singapore since January 2008.

Jamie Paul's solo exhibitions
2008 -  Endless Curves of Neon, Monsoon Asia Gallery, Singapore
2008 - Endless Curves of Neon, Forth Gallery, Singapore
2005 -  Plastic Perfection, Gallery Wren, Sydney, Australia

Jamie Paul's selected group exhibition
ArtFare, Project Midas with House @ Dempsey, Singapore
Degree Art Newcomers, London, UK
Liquid Identity, Moo Bar, Leamington, UK
Art in Mind, Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK
New Work, Gallery Wren, Sydney, Australia
Stolen, Gallery Wren, Sydney, Australia
Public Identity, Gallery Wren, Sydney, Australia
Artists at UCN, The Roadmender, Northampton, UK
Journeys, Creative Space, Northampton, UK

Jamie Paul's Books/ Catalogues
2006 - Art in Mind Exhibition catalogue, published by gallery
2005 - New Work Exhibition catalogue, published by gallery

Jamie Paul's Art Related Experiences/ Activities
2009 - Artist in residence SJI International School, Singapore
2004 - Co-founder of artists run space, Sydney

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