September 28, 2009

Canon Rebel T1i 500D and Nikon D5000 for DSLR Beginning Photographers

Wiley published two new Books about the Canon Rebel T1i / 500D (outside US) and the Nikon D5000 for Digital SLR Novices Photographers
“These books are the result of meeting so many people who gave up trying to learn from traditional photography books and magazines, which tend to feature technical lingo and advanced topics that are tough for beginners to decipher. As a result, they didn’t have the knowledge they needed to achieve the professional results they envisioned when they invested in their cameras. These books, by contrast, explain all the features of the latest entry level DSLR cameras, as well as how handle common tasks like getting images onto a PC and printing, in simple, straighforward language." The assumption is that the reader has little to no knowledge of general photography terms or techniques. The goal of each book is to familiarize the reader with the controls and features of their camera so they can apply them to any shooting situation. Chapters cover: • Shooting in auto-mode • Adjusting image quality and size • Reviewing images • Controlling exposure • Using focus features • Managing color • Printing and sharing • Exploring the on-board controls • Using live view and playback modes • Dialing in exposure and lighting controls • Manipulating focus and color controls • Situational shooting and video recording • Getting pics onto a PC for editing • Printing, posting online, and other ways to share images • Part of Tens including ten editing tricks and pro functions Julie Adair King has been covering digital cameras and photography for over a decade. Along with the previous six editions of Digital Photography For Dummies, Julie Adair King has also written For Dummies guides covering specific Nikon and Canon digital SLR cameras, as well as Digital Photos Projects For Dummies. She also works one-on-one with beginning digital photographers in the classroom at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre.