June 6, 2009

Bonny Lhotka - 3-D Photos Exhibition Natural Order

6Sight 2009 Future of Imaging Conference will focus on the emergence of 3-D imaging. Bonny Lhotka, founding member of the Digital Atelier, will exhibit, Natural Order, a selection of 3-D images with animation lenticular photos based on nature and natural forms. Water, land, and atmosphere as natural elements will dominate the exhibit. Tropical imagery included will be 3-D underwater scenes and tide waters. The exhibition, held in October and November, will cover the time of the 6Sight Conference being held in the Monterey Conference Center from November 10-12, 2009. In conjunction with the exhibit, Lhotka will deliver a lecture at 6Sight entitled, The Art of Time and Space.
Lhotka, a recipient of the Smithsonian/Computerworld Technology in the Arts Award, worked with a group of curators in 1997 to help them envision the potential of digital printmaking in “Media for a New Millennium.” Her work is shown internationally and appears in numerous books and articles featuring experimental media. Her artwork has been commissioned by or included in, hundreds of collections including then National Conference of State Legislators, United Airlines, Johns Space Center, Jones Intercable, Microtek Labs, US Department of State, Charles Schwab, MCI, and McDonnell Douglas. More information is available at www.lhotka.com.
Artists throughout the ages have worked on the problem of representing three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional plane,” said Lhotka. “Several of the most effective attempts to capture realistic space rely on human stereoscopic vision; each eye sees a slightly different view. This approach applied to photography made stereograph viewers a common sight in U.S. parlors 100 years ago. This technology was a tightly guarded secret until the late 1990s when digital imaging reached the high resolution needed to produce one-of-a-kind large lenticular prints. At this same time a new lenticular lens was developed for use with inkjet prints. This set the stage for artists to begin to explore the manipulation of images in both time and space. Now with the release of Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 and its advanced professional capabilities as an art medium, it’s now available to any digital artist, but high priced software is no longer needed. Photography will no longer be flat.”
"The Alvarado Gallery provides a forum for the citizens and visitors of Monterey to celebrate the arts,” said Chalet Catlin, curator of the Alvarado Gallery. “Through a juried selection process, the Colton Hall Museum and Cultural Arts Commission of the City of Monterey, chose Bonny’s cutting-edge work. The intriguing images are topical to a major event, the 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference, taking place at the Monterey Conference Center."
Artists are often at the leading edge of exploring the non-traditional communication opportunities brought about by new media and new media technologies,“ said Alexis Gerard, 6Sight co-founder and conference chair. “Bonny has for a decade been at the forefront of exploring how depth information transforms the expressive possibilities of still images. Her work and the insights she has derived will greatly enrich our attendees’ experience on both an entertainment and a business level.”
Additional information about the 6Sight conference program and speakers is available at www.6Sight.com

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