June 20, 2009

ArtRage Painting Software

With ArtRage you can do better images !
This one is just for fun.
I made it in 2 minutes for you with stencil tool :)
ArtRage is a computer painting package designed to provide a natural and easy to use environment for producing art on your computer. By providing realistic tools such as oil paints and pencils, and simulating the real world dynamics of those media, ArtRage allows any user to play around with paint without the expense and mess of its real world counterpart. By providing Tracing tools, ArtRage lets any level of user produce paintings based on photographs or other existing images. ArtRage 1 was released as a free product in 2004 and went on to win a number of online awards, followed by the first place in Microsoft’s ‘Does Your App Think In Ink’ contest for Tablet PC applications (2004). ArtRage 2 introduces a wide range of new features and technology improvements that allow everyone from amateur hobbyists to professional artists to get deeper in to the process of painting, without losing the ease of use, sense of realism, and friendly feel that made ArtRage 1 successful. ArtRage 2.5 introduced powerful new tools such as rulers and stencils which also work the same way as their real-world counterparts.

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