April 1, 2009

Tetenal Algenex Colour

Photographic lab operators are well aware of the “algae” problem, as organic sludge forms in the washing tanks of their photographic processors. Most of these are sludge bacteria and mould, while algae are rather rare. However, the problem is always the same, as it leads to process malfunctions, soiled prints and films and, in particular, a highly unpleasant smell of stagnant water. As a result, expensive working hours are lost on manual cleaning and maintenance – a problem which operators can well do without. However, this can be prevented with Tetenal Algenex Colour – a compound specially developed to keep photographic washing tanks clean, as it covers the full range of harmful micro-organisms. Algenex Colour is available in 5-litre containers. It is added to the washwater at the end of each day, either manually or automatically with a dosing device.
Picture (c) Tetenal - All rights reserved

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