March 5, 2009

Tecknaren Magazine No. 6 - 2008

Tecknaren is the official publication of the Association of Swedish Illustrators. It covers news and articles concerning artists, illustrators and graphic designers. It aims to provide information, initiate debates and increase the knowledge of those wide areas of expertise in which the members are professionally active. The journal also contains entertainment, union bulletins, updates concerning grants, awards, competitions and more.
Highlights from this issue: - Annie Winblad Jakubowski - Frånsidans Formgivare
- Hannes Rydell Om Over and Over
- 1B Andersen - Lysande dansk tecknare
- Joanna Hellgren - Tour de France
- 4 X Jacobson Ställer Ut
- Krönikan - Magnus Näsmark
- tecknat i Tiden - Finn Graff, Owe Gustafson, Wordless Books Och Lars Fuhre
- Lasse Sandberg Död
- Notiser - Pristagare, Möten Och Kolla
On the cover: "Omslagsillustration" by Anna Giertz (c) Tecknaren / Anna Giertz - All rights reserved

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