March 1, 2009

Photoresearcher Journal of the European Society for the History of Photography

This journal is edited by the European Society for the History of Photography (ESHPh) / Association européenne pour l'Histoire de la photographie / Europaische Gesellschaft fur die Geschichte der Photographie. Most of the articles are original texts that have not been published elsewhere. Most of the articles are in english but there are sometimes articles in french or in deutsh. The first issue was published in 1990 and since there are only 11 issues that were published. But I find that the articles are very interesting. If your are a specialist in one photography history area, you can contributed to this publication. If you want to support the association you can become a member.
The History of the ESHPh - The European Society for the History of Photography was established at the firstfoundation meeting held on 19 November 1978 in Leverkusen. The decision to found theSociety had been made one year previously in Antwerp. Vienna has been the seat of thepresidium since 2001, following Antwerp, where the Society was headquartered from1978 to 1989, and Croydon, UK (1989–2001). The goal of the ESHPh is to promote aninternational network of research into the developments of photography taking its manysocietal, artistic and technical dimensions into account.
In the next posts, I'll give you the contents of The Photoresearcher. You can download the last issues of the journal for free. All the issues are Copyrighted ESHPh - All rights reserved. When you dowload the journal, it is only for your personal use and you can not copying it and redistribute the journal.
Dates of publication of The Photoresearcher:
  • Issue Number One - October 1990 - 46 p.
  • Issue Number Two - June 1991 - 40 p.
  • Issue Number 3 - December 1991 - 47 p.
  • Issue Number 4 - September 1992 - 40 p.
  • Issue Number 5 - December 1993 - 20 p.
  • Issue Number 6 - 1994/95/96 - March 1997 - 61 p.
  • Issue Number 7 - September 2004 - 24 p
  • Issue Number 8 - September 2005 - 40 p.
  • Issue Number 9 - November 2006 - 43 p.
  • Issue Number 10 - August 2997 - 43 p.

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