March 11, 2009

Lise Sarfati - The New Life (2003)

In the serie of color photographs taken through United States -from Austin to Asheville, Portland to Berkeley, Oakland, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Louisiana and small towns in Georgia- each portrait dramatizes the complexity of adolescent identity showing an intensity that adults will never be able to experience again. Lise Sarfati explores the dividing lines between good and bad, happiness and sadness, innocence and perversity, reality and fantasy. With a minimal choregraphy, she activates connections with her subjects in their everyday spaces and situations – bedrooms, backyards, kitchens, grocery stores. The title The New Life refers to Dante Aligheri and Beatrice Portinari, who were children when they met in 1274 in Firenze "She died and La Vita Nuova is a poem of love for Beatrice, with whom he was in love all his life" - A book has been published La Vie Nouvelle The New Life -Twin Palms publisher, 2005.
Grew up in France, Lise Sarfati lives in Paris. She obtained a master’s degree in Russian studies from the Sorbonne. She was the official photographer of the Academy des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Sarfati moved to Russia and photographed there for ten years. She received grants from both the Fiacre and Villa Medicis. She received the Prix Niepce in Paris and the Infinity award of International Center of Photography in New York for her work.
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