March 11, 2009

Lise Sarfati - Mother & Daughter (2005-2007)

In the serie Mother & Daughter, Los Angeles, Berkeley and Oakland in California are the main places chosen by the artist. The central subject is the role game that takes a real importance between parents and children, and even more between a mother and her daughter. The characters become interchangeable and their relation reinforce the mirror effect. The imaginative realm of the mother is embodied in the daughter and the girl's ideal is played out by her mother. Throughout the serie, Mother & Daughter were photographed separately, to underline the personality split. The disturbing play of competition between the two brings exhibitionism to its apotheosis. It refers to the use of masks – makeup, wigs – underscoring the loss of bearings. The outcome is a kind of tension between the mask-reflections and the exhibitionism of the two women.
Grew up in France, Lise Sarfati lives in Paris. She obtained a master’s degree in Russian studies from the Sorbonne. She was the official photographer of the Academy des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Sarfati moved to Russia and photographed there for ten years. She received grants from both the Fiacre and Villa Medicis. She received the Prix Niepce in Paris and the Infinity award of International Center of Photography in New York for her work.
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