March 5, 2009

The ABC van De Design Politie

ABC van De Designpolitie is a thick, dynamic book in which ideas about the mentality and design attitude of the graphic designers De Designpolitie are arranged in alphabetical order (such as ‘Damn’ on failed projects, or ‘Rocket Science’ on their simple, against the grain approach). The colourful presentation ranges over many implemented and non-implemented projects, ideas, failures, fascinations, photographs, reflections and articles. The Designpolitie consists of Richard van der Laken and Pepijn Zurburg. The Designpolitie is known for its fresh, deceptively simple and direct designs and are responsible for such things as the visual column Gorilla in the Dutch daily newspaper de Volkskrant. The ABC is more a workbook, a process book or an inspiration book than a portfolio. Numerous projects, are presented both seriously and with irony and self-mockery.
Valiz Publishers.. Text/authors: Louise Schouwenberg, Emily King, David Snellenberg, e.a. .. Editors: Richard van der Laken, Pepijn Zurburg, Louise Schouwenberg, Astrid Vorstermans .. Photography: Gerrit Serné
Louise Schouwenberg is an Amsterdam-based design critic, curator, and she teaches at the Design Academy in Eindhoven (NL). She writes about Dutch product design: she compiled a book on Hella Jongerius (Phaidon, 2003), and wrote articles on Jurgen Bey, Droog Design and others. Recently she started writing on graphic design (e.g. on Joost Grootens). Louise Schouwenberg wrote smaller and longer essays for the entries of the ABC.
Emily King is a London-based writer and curator specializing in graphic design. She wrote an MA thesis on film title sequences and a PhD on typeface design of the late 1980s and early 1990s, focusing on the design of digital type. She is the design editor of frieze magazine and also a regular contributor to design magazines including Dot Dot Dot, and Eye. She is the author of Restart: New Systems in Graphic Design (2001) and Robert Brownjohn: 1925-1970 Life and Work (2005). Emily King Questioned the Designpolitie on their work, which fills the entry Q of the ABC.
480 pages.. 21 x 15 cm.. Hardcover.. English.. € 29,50.. Book's cover (c) Valiz - All rights reserved -

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