February 15, 2009

Minox DC-6211 Digital Photo Camera

The MINOX DC 6211 has a CCD image sensor with 6.2 megapixels and a MINOCTAR 3x zoom lens with multiple coating. Individually adjusted to the 6.2 megapixels sensor the MINOCTAR lens, electronics and software of the MINOX DC 6211 deliver nice images. The automatic white balance ensures good exposure even in difficult light and provides the user with natural colors and a right setting for the subject in view. The four different flash functions allow an adjustment of the shot to the ambient conditions. A fast image sequence and minimal shutter release delay allow spontaneous snapshots. The DC 6211 can shoot video clips and make voice recordings of up to 30 seconds in length, turning the camera into a mini video camera or recording device. For recording and playback the camera had an integrated microphone and a built-in speaker. Thanks to the 2.5’’ TFT low-temperature display several viewers can conveniently assess the image immediately from different angles during and after the shot. The anti-reflex surface in conjunction with extremely sharp and brilliant rendition permit easy reading, even in sunlight.
Fast and uncomplicated transfer of the image files to the computer can be carried out via the digital USB interface on the DC 6211. Using the provided software pictures can be touched up on the PC and directly forwarded to others. The image data are stored inside the camera on a SD card with up to 1 GB capacity, the power supply comes from a powerful Lithium-Ion battery. Extremely compact dimensions of just 88.8 x 54.5 x 24 mm and a lightweight of just 130 grams (without battery and memory card) makes the DC 6211 a good pocket or purse digital camera. Included with the new MINOX DC 6211 are a power supply unit, USB and video cable, battery, wrist strap, ever-ready case as well as a user manual and CD with software and drivers.
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