February 6, 2009

InFocus IN5108 Projector

The InFocus IN5108 is the latest member of InFocus IN5100 family of projectors. Packed with powerful features and display options to suit large venue installations, the IN5108 provides the perfect projection solution for conference halls, school auditoriums and stage facilities.
Expanding on the benefits of its IN5100 series, InFocus’ IN5108 boasts an impressive SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) native resolution that displays video and computer images on screen in sharp, crystal clear detail. This state of the art digital projector also features a full range of optical lens capabilities, including horizontal and vertical lens shift, as well as 4 lens options—giving installers, administrators and users full flexibility in any environment.
With a brightness of 4000 lumens, the IN5108 is an intelligent investment, as it enables low cost of ownership by incorporating a long lamp life, as well as improved asset management with embedded diagnostics and control utilities for remote access via the network. The IN5108 also provides HDMI 1.3 digital connectivity, BNC connections, RS232 control and a complete ensemble of legacy connectivity. The result is a flexible, digital projection solution which can be integrated into almost any environment.
InFocus knows that a combination of multiple lens options with SXGA+ resolution, lens shift, high brightness and network connectivity makes the IN5108 the optimal solution for installation applications across the board. This robust and flexible feature projection system makes it possible for universities and corporations alike to standardize on a professional platform at a facility or campus wide level,” noted InFocus’ Integration Product Director, Benjamin Joy. Vince Cerniglia of Tierney Brothers Audio Visual in Minneapolis, Minn. concurs, “Our customers demand high resolution SXGA+ displays for their professional applications. InFocus continues to deliver the product and service we require to meet our customers’ rigorous demands.”
The InFocus IN5108 is available since January 2009 with prices starting at $5,499 through exclusive InFocus partners. For more information about InFocus’ IN5108 and the entire IN5100 series, visit www.infocus.com

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