December 3, 2008

2008 Korea Icon Beat, Beijing


Korea Icon Beat in Beijing


2008 KOREA ICON BEAT will take place in 798 Space, Beijing.

Hosted by Korean Cultural Service China, 2008 KOREA ICON BEAT, the first cartoon figure and creation exhibition, features cartoon figures and derivatives made by artists from China and Korea with diversified perspective and means, and aims to bring art to the public and cultural industry, as well as to the market and the world. This cultural exchange between China and Korea will promise creative art works.

“One Dream”, performance by artists from China and Korea. The performance will take place on 12th Dec., as part of 2008 KOREA ICON BEAT.10 artists from China and Korea will make a mural painting collectively. Under the theme of “One Dream”, artists will make animal and cartoon images on a wall of 20-meter length. Participating artists include:

From Korea: Kwon Moo Hyoung, Kim Hee Seon, KimEul, Lee Sang Sun and Yim Tae Kyu.

From China: Ning Zuohong, Feng Yiying, Zhang Jianqiang and Feng Ping.

Display important and wide-known Korean cartoon figures: Robot Teakwon V,  Pororo the little Penguin, Dooly the little dinosaur, etc.  During the exhibition, Korean designed Pucca, Young Janggeum, Mixmaster and Space Hip-Hop Duck, as well as cartoon figures in computer games like Lineage, Maplestory and Atlantica. All these cartoon figures will gather in 798 space during the nine-day exhibition, serving as a window for Chinese audience to understand Korean cartoon figures.

Put soul into cartoon figures that are considered merchandise. The artists from China and Korea will work together, under their respective understanding of art, to add the elements of illumination, video image, painting and sculpture to cartoon works, therefore not only adding to them quality of aesthetics and innovation, but also making them art works that takes property of a merchandise and have value.

12th Dec through 13th Dec Cos-play show. The Korean music band “Paradise” will also play themes from Korean Cartoons in string quartet during the exhibition. Armymen dressed in costumes of Lineage will bring the audience into a wonderland in Dashanzhi (where 798 Art Zone is based). In addition to that, classical musicians will impromptu play themes from Korean Cartoons in classical string style.

Additional events
12th DEC, “One Dream” performance by artists from China and Korea. 13:00-21:00
13th DEC, Cos-play show.15:30-15:50
18th DEC, China and Korea Cultural Industry Forum (Participants only).13:30-17:00
20th DEC, Fan Gathering of LEE Sung Gang,director of Korean cartoon My Beautiful Girl Mari, 2001.

Host: Korean Cultural Service China - Undertaker: Korean Cultural Center, SUNWOO Entertainment Beijing - Supported by: Korea Culture & Content Agency, Korea Game Industry Agency, Samsung Electronics, Koon soon Dang BEKSEJU, Samsung Opentide China Co. Ltd

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