November 18, 2008

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Photography

The world through a lens
Nikon UK has teamed up with Intrepid Travel for the launch of the Ultimate Guide to Travel Photography published by Footprints publishing, a book that will perhaps change the way you travel. Written by acclaimed author and photographer of ‘Unforgettable Places to see Before you Die’ Steve Davey, it covers many things that you need to know about travel photography including preparation, exploring with a camera, all of the technical stuff as well as hints and tips about virtually every travel photography scenario. There is even a comprehensive section on post-processing your pictures using some of the most popular computer software, and tips on making money from your photography.
Whatever camera you use and whatever your level this book is packed with information for you. There are Pro-Tips, information about shooting in RAW format, as well as specific information for users of film SLRs, digital compacts as well as Digital SLRs. Broken down by technique and photography style, rather than destination, the layout of this book makes it easy for you to decide what kind of picture you’re trying to take and find, at a glance, the right techniques for you. I have read this book before a travel in Egypt (Luxor - Thebes). Even if my photos can be better ;) I think that this book give me good tips to improve my shots.
As well as taking pictures, this book will inspire you to head out and see the world. Packed with inspirational pictures and anecdotes from Steve's years on the road, this book is a call to get out and explore. When you buy the book, you get exclusive access to a dedicated website, with further information sections, expanded photographic galleries, weblinks from the book and a forum to ask the author questions and even a photo-clinic where there is the opportunity to get your images critiqued by the author.
About the author: Steve Davey is a writer and photographer based in London. He is the author and photographer of Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die and Unforgettable Islands to Escape To Before You Die both published by BBC Books. These books have been translated into over 26 languages worldwide.
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