November 6, 2008

Microstock agency - YAY Micro


YAY Micro is an affordable provider of digital content. YAY offers photos, illustrations and vector files to customers all over the world. The parent company, YAY Media AS, is located in Oslo, Norway, and was founded by Linda Johannessen, Jan Ole Kjellesvig and Roger Bystrøm in January 2008. YAY Micro got their first images March 7th. The response from photographers and artists have been positive, and by launch June 2nd YAY Micro had over 200 000 images in their database. Over 1 000 photographers and artists have signed up. There is now many more images and contributors. But the agency is looking for new photographers and illustrators. If you want to become a contributor signup at and start uploading your images. It's free!

YAY offers both creative and editorial content

At you will find great creative and editorial images. Building an editorial database is a priority, and new images are added every day. Freelance photographers, citizen photographers and agencies deliver fresh red carpet images to

"Our goal is to be the first microstock agency to fully incorporate editorial content in our offering".

What is "microstock"?

Affordable image agencies such as YAY Micro are called microstock. Microstock agencies sell digital content at low prices. The content is created and uploaded by the site's community contributors. The contributors get a 50 % commission every time their content is bought and downloaded.

For customers this entails the availability of a large amount of both professional and "odd" images and illustrations at affordable prices. Many small companies, magazines and blogs have never had the budgets to use images. Now everyone can afford great images, both the private consumers and large companies.

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