October 1, 2008

X-Rite IntelliTrax version 1.5

Version 1.5 now supports G7 proof-to-print process control, ISO targets, CxF, and Pantone Goe system

X-Rite announced the immediate availability of the latest version of IntelliTrax, the printing industry's fastest automated color management scanning solution for press-side color control. The new version (v. 1.5) now supports the G7® proof-to-print process control, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) defined targets, the next generation of CxF (Color Exchange Format), the universal file format for color communication, and the new PANTONE Goe digital libraries, featuring 2,058 new colors.

Thanks to a host of new G7® -compliant features, IntelliTrax v1.5 measures color against G7-defined targets, displays graphs to show performance against G7 targets, and indicates which inks need to be changed to achieve these targets, offering fully G7-compliant reporting. IntelliTrax version 1.5 also enables measurement of P2P targets into the IDEALink® Curve software offered by IDEAlliance®, utilizing the advanced ICC mode.

The new version of IntelliTrax now also features ISO-defined target libraries for ISO specified paper types. When using these target libraries, users can evaluate their measurement results against these set ISO targets. The advanced reporting feature will allow users to show results of ISO measurements in a consolidated report for their chosen attributes. IntelliTrax version 1.5 supports the new generation of CxF, an open file format designed to accurately and unambiguously communicate all commercially relevant aspects of color across devices, applications and geographies. Thanks to the new CxF compatible import functions, users can easily import Color Libraries from other CxF compatible devices, allowing their measurements to be linked, creating a seamless, accurate, and efficient workflow. The new version of IntelliTrax now also includes the new PANTONE Goe digital libraries to complement and expand on the original PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM already included in IntelliTrax. The combination of the two color spot color matching systems will offer users instant access to an extensive palette of over 3,100 colors.

More information: www.pantone.com.

The new version of IntelliTrax includes a number of usability enhancements including trend reporting features, which allow users to evaluate sheet trends within jobs, and to review performance of the press over time. This gives press operators a real-time indication of any problems that might occur during the print run. The newly included BestMatch™ feature alerts the user and makes a recommendation on how to adjust the ink to get to optimal color faster, keeping colors and inks on target even before visible color shifts occur. BestMatch helps save time and reduce waste, while optimizing the print quality and workflow.

IntelliTrax version 1.5 is now available from X-Rite and its global network of authorized resellers.

Further information: www.xrite.com.

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