October 23, 2008

X-Rite i1Prism Color Management SDK

Allows third party developers to build high-quality ICC profiles with options such as iterative profiling, advanced color separation, black generation and Optical Brightener Compensation technologies

i1Prism SDK features several unique key features including: X-Rite's groundbreaking Optical Brighter Compensation methodology, advanced controls for color separation and black generation, and X-Rite's unique iterative profiling technology.

With X-Rite's groundbreaking Optical Brightener Compensation technology, offered as a core element of the new i1Prism SDK, OEM developers will be able to build solutions that effectively and precisely compensate for color shifts in ICC output profiles typically caused by Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs) in papers and other printing substrates. This results in prints with an improved visual match and reduces undesirable color casts caused by fluorescence.

Thanks to X-Rite's unique iterative profiling technology, developers using the i1Prism SDK will be able to create solutions that require significantly fewer color patches to build highly accurate printer profiles. Small test charts with as few as 50 color patches can be used. The profiling engine offers the flexibility to optimize an ICC profile for specific spot colors or images, resulting in high image quality.

i1Prism also offers advanced controls for separation and black generation, allowing greater flexibility when building profiles and providing a high degree of control to the user when building their profiles.

While traditionally ICC profiles are built so that the output will be viewed on D50 illumination, the new i1Prism SDK is designed to optimize the ICC profiles for different viewing conditions including daylight, tungsten, fluorescent lighting, and more.

i1Prism SDK licenses are available for both Mac and Windows. The new SDK features multilingual support for global deployment, clear documentation, sample code and a sample application making it straightforward for providers of prepress and pressroom solutions to integrate high quality ICC profiling into their applications.

For more information: www.xrite.com.

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