October 22, 2008

Digimarc for Images Software for Adobe Photoshop

Digimarc Releases New Version of Digimarc for Images Software for Adobe PhotoShop® - New Digimarc plug-ins deliver increased robustness and additional international language support
Beaverton, Ore. — October 22, 2008 — Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) today announced the availability of its newly enhanced Digimarc for Images plug-ins, shipped in-box with Adobe PhotoShop®, enabling photographers and corporations to better manage their photos and image assets by communicating copyright information and owner contact details, and reporting to owners on both authorized and unauthorized use of images online.
Coinciding with the release of Adobe Creative Suite® 4 (CS4), the new version of Digimarc for Images includes several enhancements in response to customer feedback:
Improved robustness for image format transformations, resizing and compression Expanded support for international customers with the addition of seven new languages (Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian), for a total of 22 available languages Improved Search Service with expanded Web site coverage and monthly and/or on-demand reports of where customer images are located online Digimarc for Images enables content owners to place a persistent, invisible digital identifier (digital watermark) into photographs and other images. The company also offers a Search Service that continuously crawls the Web looking for such watermarked images. This provides valuable information on where and how images are being used, which can help effectively measure the reach of a marketing campaign. The Search Service also enables content owners to take action on unauthorized use of their images.
Furthermore, Adobe PhotoShop® users can embed or read digital watermarks from within the application. This allows potential buyers to quickly identify the owner and how to contact him or her so that they can easily purchase or license the photographs or images they want to use.
"Digimarc is pleased to address several user priorities in this latest version of Digimarc for Images," commented Jeri Owen, Digimarc vice president of marketing. "The increased robustness helps to ensure the watermark remains with the image through a wide range of file transformations, sizing and image compression. Our solution helps manage important image assets as widening distribution of images over the web has made it increasingly difficult for brand owners and professional photographers to monitor where their images are being used online. We believe that Digimarc for Images offers a unique and proven solution to this growing challenge."
Digimarc will offer a free Webcast on November 13 for Adobe users interested in learning more about digitally watermarking their images using Adobe PhotoShop®. For further information on the Webcast pricing and availability, please go to

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