October 15, 2008

Congress of Photography in Vienna - 30th jubilee celebrations of the ESHPh

Jubilee – 30 Years ESHPh
6 – 8 November 2008
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Sonnenfelsgasse 19, A-1010 Vienna
The European Society for the History of Photography (ESHPh) is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary with a congress and festschrift and will make Vienna the capital of international photographic research for three days.
The ESHPh was founded in 1978 and regards itself as an independent, scientific forum devoted to the investigation of the historical developments of photography, from its beginnings up to the present day, in a European context. Today, the ESHPh is engaged in a close international exchange of information with renowned photographers, historians, art historians, media theoreticians, visual scientists, philosophers, sociologists and private collectors and is also able to count numerous important institutions in Europe andabroad among its members.
The ESHPh is taking its 30th jubilee celebrations as an opportunity to deal with fundamental aspects of contemporary photographic research and stimulate new, forward looking,impulses in the form of a comprehensive festschrift and a three-day congress. Twenty-five prominent scientists will be participating in the high-calibre Congress ofPhotography in Vienna. Jubilee – 30 Years ESHPh – the theoretical highlight of the European Month of Photography Vienna 2008.
The numerous lectures, roundtable talks, discussions and a supplementary programme will cover a wide range of subjects ranging from the historic photography of the 19th century to aspects of modern-day photography. The congress “30 Years ESHPh” is devoted to a critical investigation of the photographic understanding of the picture from a modern, trans-disciplinary, perspective. Within the context of the flood of pictures in our globalized society, the concepts and effects of photographic images will be analysed and possible interpretive models discussed. With its timely examination, the ESHPh Jubilee Congress will not only interest an expert audience but anyone concerned with photography.
The Congress Publication - The jubilee event is accompanied by a festschrift edited by Anna Auer and Uwe Schögl and published by the Fotohof edition, Salzburg. The publication will be issued in English and is devoted to three major subject areas: Photographic History and the Variable Image. Use and Manipulation of the Picture as an Aspect of our Visual Culture // Models, Concepts and Strategies for Private and Public Photographic Collections // Photography and its Interaction with the Fine Arts and the Sciences.
Congress of Photography in Vienna
Jubilee – 30 Years ESHPh
Anna Auer, Uwe Schögl (eds.)
Fotohof edition, Salzburg, 2008
528 pages, soft cover, € 33
The lavishly illustrated publication presents 44 written contributions, essays and interviews by, and with, internationally famous experts, important private collectors and representatives of such distinguished institutions as the MOMA, New York and the National Gallery of Art in Washington.
Authors of the Festschrift : Anna Auer (A), Tamara Berghmans (B), Vladimir Birgus (CZ), Ben Baruch Blich (Israel), Katalin Bognar (H), Xavier Canonne (B), Alistair Crawford (UK), Luc Deneulin (B), Willem Elias (B), Ulla Fischer-Westhauser (A), Thomas Freiler (A), Thomas Friedrich (G), Luke Gartlan (UK), Michael Gray (UK), Rosina Herrera (USA), Gabriele Hofer (A), Katherine Hoffman (USA), Anton Holzer (A), Adrian-Silvan Ionescu (RO), André Jammes (F), Steven Franklin Joseph (B), Dainius Junevicius (Lithuania), Rolf H. Krauss (G), Carmen Pérez González (NL), Mark B. Pohlad (USA), Michael Ponstingl (A), Michael Pritchard(UK), Laurent Roosens (B), Tim Otto Roth (G), Rolf Sachsse (G), Christoph Schaden (G), Uwe Schögl (A), Monika Schwärzler (A), Giuliana Scimé (I), Fritz Simak (A), Andreas Spiegl (A), Johan Swinnen (B), Emöke Tomsics (H), Simon-Weber Unger (A), Liz Wells(UK), Matthew Witkovsky (USA), R. Derek Wood (UK), Italo Zannier (I), Margit Zuckriegl (A)
The History of the ESHPh - The European Society for the History of Photography was established at the firstfoundation meeting held on 19 November 1978 in Leverkusen. The decision to found the Society had been made one year previously in Antwerp. Vienna has been the seat of the presidium since 2001, following Antwerp, where the Society was headquartered from 1978 to 1989, and Croydon, UK (1989–2001). The goal of the ESHPh is to promote an international network of research into the developments of photography taking its many societal, artistic and technical dimensions into account.

European Society for the History of Photography

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