July 9, 2008

Sketches Online Gallery Ed Velandria

A recent front page article in the Los Angeles Times entitled "Subway Sketchers Create an Online Community" featured NYC artist, Ed Velandria and documented his use of the paint and drawing software, ArtRage. In a graphic commentary on the intersection of technology and everyday life, Velandria uses the time he spends on his daily subway rides from Brooklyn to Manhattan to sketch portraits of other subway riders on his laptop computer with ArtRage and a digital drawing tablet. ArtRage, by Ambient Design, allows to paint and draw realistically. Users can use artistic tools such as oils, pencils, Crayons, airbrush, chalk and markers. There are also choices of canvas size, paper grains, stencils and layers. Velandria loves the simplicity of ArtRage and how it allows him to capture the essence of his subjects quickly. "My ultimate goal is to really capture the soul of a person." His subway sketching has caught the attention of other artists from around the world too. There is now an online community of "sketchers" that Velandria stays in touch with. He has about 500 subway sketches available online and his gallery has received more than 4,000 views.
The entire LA Times story can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/artrage. To see Ed Velandria's subway portrait gallery: http://tinyurl.com/5b9how. For more information about ArtRage: www.artrage.com/artrage.html.

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