July 10, 2008

Sinar back eMotion75 digital medium format

Sinar has revamped the eMotion75 digital back, giving it a bigger and better display as well as impressive high ISO capabilities

As of now all Sinar eMotion 75 digital backs ship with updated hardware parts that drastically augment its performance in terms of image quality and handling.

A newly designed circuit board has been implemented which improves image quality considerably. High ISO images are now clearer than ever. The upgraded eMotion75’s are also fitted with a new 2.5’’ TFT display that boasts a resolution of 163 dots per inch.

This 18bit display is not only 15% bigger than its predecessor it is also brighter and has a higher contrast range. This optimizes image viewing in bright light situations.

Using these State of the art components it was possible to keep the price tag as it was.

Contact your local Sinar dealer for information on how to upgrade your Sinarback eMotion75.

Photo (c) Sinar - All rights reserved

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