April 8, 2008

Joshua Liner Gallery’s Inaugural Exhibition in NY Chelsea District

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Locked & Loaded

Group Exhibition

Joshua Liner Gallery, NYC

April 11 - May 10, 2008


Joshua Liner Gallery, NYC 

  © and courtesy Joshua Liner Gallery


Joshua Liner Gallery, in celebration of the opening of its new space in New York’s Chelsea district, presents its inaugural exhibition, Locked & Loaded. This group exhibition of young, emerging artists presents work in diverse media—a panoply of contemporary art practices reflecting the interests and vision of owner and founding gallery director, Joshua Liner.

Locked & Loaded features 28 new voices: Shawn Barber, Crash One, Mike Davis, Ron English, Jeremy Fish, Blaine Fontana, Futura, Robert Hardgrave, Naoto Hattori, Kenji Hirata, Jessica Joslin, Josh Keyes, Koralie, Kris Kuksi, David Choong Lee, Travis Louie, Tomokazu Matsuyama, Chris Mendoza, Aiko Nakagawa, Pat Rocha, Greg Simkins, Damon Soule, Heidi Taillefer, Ben Tour, Mark Dean Veca, and Oliver Vernon. For most, the exhibition represents a first outing before New York gallery audiences, but each artist is poised to go off with a bang—"locked and loaded,” if you will.

Honing their talents in the court of public opinion—the urban street—Crash One, Futura, and Koralie display the energy and immediacy of graffiti-based art. Fish, Fontana, Hattori, Louie, and Simkins tap into the wildly imaginative and often unsettling content of contemporary fairytales, fantasy illustration, and tattoo traditions. Hardgrave, Hirata, and Vernon are abstract painters drawing inspiration from world cultures as well as current digital design trends. Barber, English, Keyes, Lee, and Rocha all depict the figure, but their painting styles and subject matter take vastly different approaches. Other artists featured in Locked & Loaded bring new approaches to model making, architecture-inspired drawings, depictions of futuristic creatures, and work addressing environmental issues.


Joshua Liner Gallery
548 West 28th Street
New York, NY 10001

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