March 19, 2008

Phase One Updates Capture One 4.1

Capture One 4.1 is being previewed at Photo Imaging Expo in Tokyo this week at the launch of the companies’ new open medium format digital camera platform. The update to Phase One’s raw workflow software includes support for the high quality 22 mega pixels Mamiya ZD camera and digital back. This support is a commitment to the strategic alliance between Phase One and Mamiya Digital Imaging. Capture One 4.1 will also include two new technologies initially available for Phase One digital backs, built on Phase One’s expertise in digital backs and testing with a selection of Mamiya lenses. Lens+ technology is designed to provide photographers with a superior out-of-the-box solution for removing lens artifacts in images. Not only will lens artifacts like chromatic aberration and fringing be heavily reduced, but at the same time image texture and color fidelity are expected to achieve a previously unseen level – resulting in amazing sharp and vibrant images. A new standard of image sharpness will be introduced through use of Focus+ technology engineered to enhance performance of the full Mamiya 645AFD lens range, enabling a new level of sharpness and resolution. Perfect pixel definition will optimize the basis for high quality image rendering and extreme scaling. These technologies will be expanded to cover a broader range of lenses in the near future. Fashion photographers who demand high resolution, high capture rates and instant high quality previews for evaluation of image composition, exposure, and focus will enjoy the fastest ever tethered shooting functionality in Capture One 4.1. Image transfer and preview generation will be virtually instantaneous with Phase One backs, even with resolutions up to 39 mega pixels. “We are committed to offering professional photographers the choice that best suits them in achieving ultimate image quality,” said Jan H. Christiansen, Marketing Director. “Capture One is engineered to support the most rigorous imaging demands for the widest range of operating conditions and equipment.” Capture One 4.1, is a free update to all Capture One customers, will be available for download beginning with volume production shipments of the new Phase One 645 Camera platform, expected Q2, 2008.

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