March 19, 2008

Phase One at Photokina 2008

Photokina 2008: Phase One is demonstrating the following products that will ship in volume during Q4 2008 -- Booth B1, Hall 4.2.
The Phase One P 65+ operates at a capture rate of up to 1 frame per second with a resolution of 60.5 MP resolution and the industry’s largest live capture area (53.9mm x 40.4). It offers a sensitivity range from 50 to 1600 ISO. Intelligent image compression technology (IIQ) produces choice of small 40 MB or large 60 MB RAW files. Built into the P 65+, Sensor+ technology offers a capture mode by which photographers can “dial down” to 15 MP resolution (pixel size 12 x 12 microns) and gain an ISO range of 100 to 1600 with smaller file sizes (ranging from small 10 MB to large 15 MB RAW files) for faster post processing.
Newly architected Capture One 4 PRO allows photographers to enhance and develop RAW digital files with excellent color and detail reproduction. This application enables you to customize your menu, building the interface and custom palettes that best suit your work style or situation.
New or enhanced features include:

- Lens enhancement tools solve distortion, sharpness falloff, light falloff and can produce customizable vignetting for creative effects.

- Selective Color provides an intuitive toolset for customizing image colors to perfection.

- With the all-new Skin Tone tool photographers can easily set and reproduce skin tones shot under a variety of light conditions even without using a gray card.

- A redesigned Styles feature enables photographers to explore and create unique “looks” and to reproduce them consistently with ease.

Capture One and Expression Media software are being demonstrated together at the Microsoft booth Hall 04.1 Stand H049 G031.
In addition to the Phase One 3.5/45 mm Tilt-Shift lens introduced earlier this month, Phase One is announcing a new lineup of high-quality lenses optimized for high resolution digital capture, including : 28mm f4.5, 45mm f2.8, 80mm f2.8, 120mm f4.0, 150mm f2.8, 75-150mm f4.5 zoom. Thesel enses are supported by the industry’s most comprehensive, advanced warranty and support program. Phase One is also demonstrating a new 80 mm leafshutter lens, vertical grip, and additional accessories for the Phase One 645 camera system.
Pricing and Availability
  • Phase One P 65+ digital camera systems are expected in Q4 2008. The P 65+ digital back starts at 39,900 USD, 29.990 EUR ; the P 65+ camera system starts at 41,990 USD, 31.990 EUR.
  • Capture One PRO customers can upgrade to Capture One 4 PRO at no extra cost. For new customers, it is 399 USD and 299 EUR through Phase One’s e-shop. Capture One PRO release is planned for October 15, 2008.
  • Volume shipments of lenses will begin Q4 2008.
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