January 10, 2008

IR Photo Filter Allows Infrared Photography with the Mamiya ZD Digital Back

Mamiya has announced the release of an IR Photo filter for the Mamiya ZD Digital back
"Today’s CCD sensors are highly sensitive to infrared light," said Jeff Karp, Mamiya Product Marketing Manager, "and the IR Cut filter built into cameras reduces infrared light transmission. The result is more accurate and natural color. This IR Cut filter, however, makes infrared photography impossible. In response to the large number of requests from infrared photographers, especially with the scarcity of infrared film, this filter was created."
Mamiya developed the IR Photo Filter for use on the Mamiya ZD Digital Back. The IR Photo Filter YD401 (which replaces the standard IR Cut Filter) is a clear filter that allows the transmission of infrared light as well as visible light rays.
"Unlike specialized IR cameras or modified systems," states Karp, "the Mamiya ZD Digital Back can be transformed from standard digital to IR digital, simply by changing the user-replaceable sensor filters."
Photographers will need to add an infrared filter (89B or 87) on the front of the lens to produce typical infrared images with dramatic dark skies, glowing greens and "magical" skin tones.
It is available mid-January 2008.

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