October 15, 2007

Kentmere Photographic Acquired by Harman

HARMAN technology Limited, the company behind ILFORD PHOTO and HARMAN PHOTO, has announced the addition of KENTMERE PHOTOGRAPHIC Limited to its business. The move, which comes following a period of extensive negotiations.
Following the buy-out, Harman is keen to stress that the Kentmere brand will remain relatively unchanged. It will continue to offer the same resin coated and fibre based monochrome papers and inkjet products, including Opaljet, whilst employing the same marketing approach. On the Harman's press release we can read : "In fact, the key difference will be that the Kentmere brand will now enjoy the benefits of being backed by a larger organisation. In particular, the brand will have access to the additional expertise and investment, as well as the established export channels (to markets such as the United States), to take its success further". Speaking of the deal, Harman’s Chairman and Managing Director, Phil Harris said: “Harman has an acquisitive growth policy and is keen to be seen as the natural home for high-quality imaging products. We have bought Kentmere recognising it is a strong brand with a massive amount of potential and knowing we can add what’s required to help bring that potential to fruition. Our size, established infrastructure and ability to invest into the Kentmere brand, will help to open new doors and opportunities for its products.” “At the same time, Kentmere will also add an extra dimension to our business. It will extend our product portfolio and allows us to target an even wider range of the market.”

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