June 8, 2007

About the MICA of Singapore

The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) of Singapore is a multi-faceted ministry.  It is both an economic and social ministry with the vision to nurture and develop a Creative Economy, Gracious Community and Connected Singapore.

The Ministry's mission is to develop Singapore as a Global City for information, communications and the arts, so as to build a creative economy and a connected society with a Singaporean identity rooted in our multicultural heritage.  It aims to propel the creative economy through the development and promotion of the creative industries (arts, design and media) and infocomm technology sector to create new economic value and jobs.  It also aims to forge a strong sense of community, national identity, rootedness and inclusion among Singaporeans, and to foster better understanding between the Government and its various stakeholders through effective public communications. Information on MICA is available at www.mica.gov.sg.

Text from the MICA

Information on MICA is available at www.mica.gov.sg

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