May 23, 2007

Two Million ArtRage Downloads

Archive - ArtRage: the sucess of the free graphic software

In May 2007 the total number of downloads of ArtRage - Ambient Design’s free painting application - exceeded two million copies. Since its release in February 2004 more than two million copies of the free version of ArtRage have been downloaded from Ambient Design’s website. Schools, hobbyists, artists and anyone who just wants to mess around with paint have been downloading and using ArtRage Free version.

There have been several major updates to ArtRage Free since its initial release. "This is a fantastic milestone. We’re very pleased so many people have been enjoying using ArtRage. The quality of some of the artworks we’ve seen produced in ArtRage Free version is stunning. We’ve had great feedback from people who became disillusioned with the cost and hassle of using traditional art media but have started painting again in ArtRage." - Andy Bearsley, Technical Director of Ambient Design Ltd.

ArtRage Free version is a fully-featured natural painting application. It has tools which look and feel like their real-world counterpart. For example, the oil paints mix and smear like real oil paints on real canvas. They even leave bristle marks from the virtual brush in the paint strokes. It is easy to use for new users while having features and technology powerful enough for advanced users. The Free version of ArtRage is free to use with no time limits. It is also has no adware, spyware or other malware. It is available in English, French and German versions, for Windows and as a Universal Binary for MacOSX.

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