March 7, 2007

X-Rite ColorChecker Products at PMA07

X-Rite unveils its dynamic Color Checker® family of color management solutions for photographers - results of its merger with fellow world leader in the color industry GretagMacbeth – at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) International Convention Trade Show, March 8 – 11, 2007 in Las Vegas. Held at the Convention Center’s South Hall, PMA is billed as the world’s largest annual imaging event attended by more than 20,000 photographers and related professionals from around the globe.
Imagine a totally non-subjective method of confirming the true color balance of any color rendition system. PMA07 attendees can explore first-hand just such a device along with all the XRite i1-Family of color solution products. The ColorChecker Chart from X-Rite is a checkerboard array of 24 scientifically prepared colored squares in a wide range of colors. Many of these squares represent natural objects of special interest, such as human skin, foliage and blue sky; all reflect light the same way in all parts of the visible spectrum – a unique feature that ensures color matching of natural objects under any illumination and with any color reproduction process. With the X-Rite i1-ColorChecker, photographers can check films, lights, filters and paper with ease.
In addition to the standard ColorChecker, X-Rite has variations that meet virtually any needed standard of comparing, measuring and analyzing differences in color reproduction in various processes to streamline processes and avoid costly mistakes. PMA 2007 Show visitors can learn how an X-Rite Digital ColorChecker Semi Gloss (SG) provides checks and comparisons of the digital reproduction of a real scene or a test pattern; makes a white balance with a digital camera; and allows photographers to use the chart with camera profiling software to create an ICC camera-ready profile. Comes included with the X-Rite i1PhotoSG and other PRO bundles as well as a stand-alone product.
To ensure that the camera’s raw image is as close to real life as possible, X-Rite offers photographers a choice among several reference devices that are scientifically engineered to provide precise uniform surfaces that are spectrally neutral (i.e., reflect equal amounts of red, blue and green) under all types of light conditions – natural, fluorescent or studio.
Other X-Rite ColorChecker Products On Display At PMA 07
- The X-Rite ColorChecker Three-Step Gray Scale Card - a full-sized version of the white, 18% gray and black reference square used in the standard 24-patch X-Rite ColorChecker for quick set up of the proper studio lighting ratio between main and fill lights. Captures accurate color without much after-the-fact manipulation and with necessary reference values for quick color adjustments within most photo processing software packages.
- The X-Rite ColorChecker Mini Gray Balance Card – a pocket-sized version of the 18% gray reference square used in the standard 24-patch X-Rite ColorChecker.
- The X-Rite ColorChecker White Balance Card – a full size version of the white reference square used in the standard 24-patch X-Rite ColorChecker.
- The X-Rite Color Checker Mini White Balance Card – a pocket-sized version of the white reference square used in the standard 24-patch X-Rite ColorChecker.
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