December 5, 2006

Dynamic Range for Scanners Brought to Peak Level

LaserSoft Imaging's SilverFast scanning software, has now taken a quantum leap in the evolution of genuine High Dynamic Range Imaging. This new function in SilverFast version 6.5 utilizes varying exposures of the scan. This dramatically increases the dynamic range allowing even the most subtle nuances in both shadow and highlight areas to be recognized and enhanced. The SilverFast Multi-Exposure function is based on the principle of the distinguished Multi-Sampling Feature (multiple scan) with auto-alignment®. With Multi-Sampling the picture is scanned several times using the same settings, in order to identify and minimize noise. With Multi-Exposure the dynamic range of the scanners is utilized by repeating the scan, but with different exposure intensities. This creates a dynamic range comparable to that of a drum scanner. The patented auto-alignment secures the precision of the scan allowing for optimal sharpness and clarity. Using established film scanners, precise measurements were taken at LaserSoft Imaging's lab where dynamic increases and qualitative improvements of 25% using Multi-Exposure were documented. With this dynamic increase, the new SilverFast 6.5 can dramatically improve the results of image capture for both reflective and transparent originals. Finally, Multi-Exposure offers another advantage over Multi-Sampling: Multi-Exposure achieves the same quality in substantially less time.
Another novelty and an impressive highlight of the new SilverFast 6.5 is called the SilverFast ColorServer. New possibilities of automation and flexibility completely redefine the process of digital imaging, allowing a substantial increase in productivity. In addition to the new functions such as Multi-Exposure and the ColorServer, SilverFast's new Basic mode offers beginners an easy entry into the world of digital imaging with SilverFast.
The AutoFrame detection, an extended NegaFix dialogue, the proven selective color correction SCC with new presets, as well as the Ai-HDR auto-gamma optimization complete the spectrum of SilverFast 6.5.
Founded by the physicist Karl-Heinz Zahorsky in 1986, LaserSoft Imaging AG, SilverFast is now established as the world-wide standard for scan software, while SilverFastHDR and SilverFastDCPro have become well-known software applications to work with RAW data of scanners and digital cameras. SilverFast is bundled by many well known hardware manufacturers such as Canon, Epson, HP, Microtek, Pentacon, Plustek, Quatographic, Reflecta, Samsung, Umax and many others. Currently, there are more than 1,5 million installations of SilverFast world wide. After 20 years of successful development, Silverfast 6.5 is sure to be another milestone of convincing quality and productivity.

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