November 10, 2006

ArtRage Free version 2.2 Released

Ambient Design has released an update to the Free version of ArtRage, their natural painting software. ArtRage 2.2 Free version is available for Windows XP/2K and Vista users, and a Universal Binary is available for Mac OSX users for both Intel and PowerPC. ArtRage 2.2 Free version has been released in English, French, and German language versions. ArtRage 2.2 Free adds many new features and improvements. Here are some of the most important changes:
- Mac OS X Universal Binary: ArtRage 2.2 Free for OS X is now a Universal binary for PPC and Intel Macs. It will run on OS X version 10.3.9 or higher.
- Felt Pen Options: All the settings for the pen tool have been made available. With control over pen softness and wetness, and the ability to use the Art Pen option for opaque lighter colors the pen tool becomes a powerful artistic tool.
- Magnified Precise Cursor: The precise cursor has an option to be bigger and more visible.
- Color Sampler options: The Color Sampler tool can sample paint with lighting applied or the pure colour of the paint.
- TabletPC Numeric Entry: When entering handwritten numbers into text-entry boxes using the TabletPC input panel, the handwriting is more likely to be recognized as numerics, rather than alphabetic characters.
- PTG File Thumbnails: Your painting files are now given thumbnails in your OS. On Windows, a Shell extension (downloadable separately) gives thumbnails of ArtRage paintings inside Windows Explorer when the view mode is ‘Thumbnails’. On MacOSX a custom icon displays the painting contents in the file browsers. Many other features, updates and bug-fixes!
To download ArtRage 2.2 Free Edition: Go to the ArtRage Downloads Page:
ArtRage 2.2 Free version is entirely free with no adware, no spyware, no malware of any sort. ArtRage 2.2 Free has no time limitations or any other limitations on works produced with it. ArtRage 2.2 Free version has a subset of the features of ArtRage 2.2 Full version with some features of the Full version disabled.

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